Report Water Waste

California American Water is working with customers to identify water waste in our service areas and help conserve our precious resource. The State of California has banned wasteful uses of water outdoors during the drought - washing vehicles without a hose nozzle, allowing water to run onto sidewalks and gutters, use of non-recirculating fountains and washing hardscapes with water. Additional measures are in effect in each of our districts as well.  Visit our drought updates to get the latest information about drought conditions and restrictions in your area, learn more about our conservation programs, services and rebates and to find local phone numbers for our conservation staff in each district.

Report water waste here

Water Waste App

In addition to reporting Waterwaste through the web form, customers can also report waterwaste through California American Water’s water waste app, available for download in the Apple and Android app stores. The mobile app allows customers and other concerned residents to report water waste when they see it, take a picture of the waterwaste occurrence and add comments via any smart phone. Photos will be geo-tagged and uploaded directly so that California American Water can investigate the leak or waste. The app also offers water saving tips and rebate information to customers.