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(Including Baldwin Hills, Duarte and San Marino)

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Los Angeles Rate Schedule
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Assistance for Low-Income Customers

At California American Water, we believe fresh, clean water is a resource that should be made available to everyone. That is why we have developed the Assistance for Low-Income Customers Program to provide assistance to low-income families.

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Los Angeles Service Area Brochure and Maps

Los Angeles Brochure - This brochure describes the Los Angeles service area, system improvements, conservation efforts and other frequently asked questions.

Los Angeles Service Territory Maps

California American Water General Rate Case (2018-2020)

General Rate Case Application (July 1, 2016)

Customer Notification      Spanish Translation

Public Participation Hearing Set For January 18, 2017

Customer Notification      Spanish Translation

California American Water Cost of Capital Application (April 2017)

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Contracts and Deviations

List of Contracts and Deviations

Advice Letters

An index of Advice Letters is also available on the CPUC's web site - Water Advice Letter Search

Los Angeles County District:

Approved & Effective:
     Advice Letter 1126-A - Purchased Water Offset
     Advice Letter 1141-A - 2017 Step Rates (Quantity Rates, Service Charge, CEBA and LIRA)   
     Advice Letter 1159-A - 2016 WRAM MCBA
     Advice Letter 1171-A - Los Angeles Irrigation Rate Correction
     Advice Letter 1196 - 2017 WRAM MCBA
     Advice Letter 1206 - Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills) Purchased Water Surcharge 2018
     Advice Letter 1210 - RFPS correction on Interim Rates
     Advice Letter 1217 - 2018 Los Angeles Purchased Water Offset

Pending & Effective:

Pending & Not Currently Effective:
     Advice Letter 1188 - Bellflower Acquisition
     Advice Letter 1201 - Drought Memo Account
     Advice Letter 1235 - 2019 Step Rate Filing 


All Districts:

Approved & Effective:
     Advice Letter 1072-B - Conservation Surcharge   
     Advice Letter 1154 - CEBA (Consolidated Expense Balancing Account)
     Advice Letter 1173 - Loss of Water Adjustment Request Form
     Advice Letter 1177 - Residential Fire Protection Service
     Advice Letter 1184-B - 2018 Interim Rates
     Advice Letter 1186 - 2018 PUC Reimbursement Fee
     Advice Letter 1189 - 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
     Advice Letter 1191 - Cost of Capital Memo Account
     Advice Letter 1207 - Rule 15 Developer Tax Change
     Advice Letter 1208 - 2018 Updated Low Income Guidelines
     Advice Letter 1211 - Bill for Water Service Redesign
     Advice Letter 52-S - 2018 Tax Accounting Memo Account
     Advice Letter 1218-A - Utility Bill Change
     Advice Letter 1224 - CPUC User Fee 2019
     Advice Letter 1223 - Tax Cut & Job Act/ COC Closing
     Advice Letter 1225 - Conservation Surcharge Balancing Account
     Advice Letter 1228 -  Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Memo Account
     Advice Letter 1229 - Group Insurance Balancing Account

Pending & Effective:
     Advice Letter 1230 -  2016 GRC Rates and Tariff Implementations

Pending & Not Currently Effective:
     Advice Letter 1221 - Low Income Supplement Special Condition #4



Customers can visit their local California American Water office to view copies of pending applications, advice letters, and previous tariffs.