Tubbs desat 2


Completed areas of recovery:

  • Removal and disposal of debris at Upper Wikiup tank site.
  • Temporary communications system to the SCADA system to monitor and control operations has been installed. 
  • Temporary piping and a new electric service has been installed.
  • Removal of 570 damaged meters and cap services. 
  • Replaced 280 meters. 
  • Repairs have been made to damaged water mains. 
  • Replacement of 46 fire hydrants and installation of 10 more has been completed. 

Upcoming projects:

  • Waiting on approval from PG&E to provide power to the area. 
  • Demolition and removal of a 48,000 gallon tank. 
  • Replacement of 559 service laterals and meter boxes. 
  • Replacement of 559 meters. 
  • Designing permanent pumping system and hydro-pneumatic tank at Upper Wikiup.
  • Construction of permanent pump station, hydro-pneumatic tank and emergency generator sized for full capacity. 
  • Increase pipe size between Lower and Upper Wikiup tank sites.