culture and employee engagement



Our success is based significantly on the trust and confidence our customers and investors have in the quality and reliability of our services and our employees who deliver them.  This means, of course, that we must commit to act ethically and properly, with respect and honor toward others, and make that commitment an essential part of our working lives.

Most importantly, at American Water, we want all of our employees to rally around our purpose – to deliver safe, clean, reliable and affordable water and wastewater services to our customers – and our vision, Clean Water for Life. What we do every day matters. Water is necessary for our customers' health and how they live their lives every day.

We believe our culture drives performance that ultimately leads to success – for our employees, our customers and our investors. We also believe engaged employees make us safer, operate better, and helps us grow. Engaged employees lead to satisfied customers and sustained financial and operating performance. Our strategy is centered on what’s best for the customer. At our best, we are caring, passionate, engaged and embrace our differences.

Our culture is based on our core values:
• a safety first mindset in everything we do, at work and at home, in our offices, plants, and in the field;
• trust among employees, employees and management, the company and our customers and communities, as well as policymakers, developed over time with open, honest communication and doing what’s right;
• environmental leadership that goes well beyond compliance to industry-leading performance and protection of our natural resources and the environment;
• teamwork: we leverage our diverse talent and work together on common goals, we share ideas, look out for one another and feel free to challenge the status quo.
 high performance: we believe in being the best, we embrace continuous improvement, we think big and innovate, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding our goals each year.

Work with us, and you won’t just have a job. You’ll have a calling.