A message to our customers and communities

American Water President & CEO Walter Lynch

Last week’s death of George Floyd is another tragic reminder of the racial disparity that remains in our country. Together, we mourn the loss of a life taken unjustly. Racial injustice is wrong and inconsistent with the values of American Water. We are all different, and that’s a beautiful thing. Our diversity is our strength and should not be used to divide us.

At American Water, we encourage, honor, and celebrate differences in our employees, including race or ethnicity. Inclusion and diversity of ideas, thoughts and experiences are vital to our culture and the way we do business. Diverse employees make us more successful in providing the best service possible to our very diverse customers across the country.

We’re committed to a respectful and inclusive environment at American Water for our employees and our customers. In addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we also provide Respect and Dignity and Unconscious Bias training to our employees. On behalf of you and our employees, we will not tolerate any form of bigotry, hatred or racism displayed in any way.

We are a part of your community and want to do what we can to improve the communities where we not only work, but also live and play. Our American Water Charitable Foundation is one way in which we support and enhance the communities where we live, work, and operate. Most importantly, we will continue to support our service areas by doing our work in providing safe, reliable, quality water and wastewater services to our customers and investing in our communities.

In 2018 American Water was proud to be recognized and included in the inaugural NAACP Equity, Inclusion and Empowerment Index, created to track and monitor indicators that assess racial equity and inclusion policies among U.S. corporations. The index was designed to help guide and inform companies in assessing and actively promoting racial and ethnic equity in every aspect of their business, operations and strategy; and to promote socially responsible investing in companies with a strong commitment to equity and diversity.

We know our values and our culture set us apart. We encourage all of our employees to embrace our differences and work to build our communities up as we work together to realize the America we envision. While much work remains to be done to address systemic racism, we are committed to doing our part to contribute to a more just and inclusive and beautifully different society.

Please click here for more information about American Water’s Inclusive and Diverse work environment.