About the Certified Innovation Partner (CIP) Program

American Water is proud of its reputation as a company that drives innovation and supports the development of new products. Our commitment to the early testing and adoption of new technologies is beneficial to our company, to the companies we work with and to the industry as a whole.


The Certified Innovation Partner program celebrates the collaborative partnerships between American Water and companies that develop innovative solutions valuable to the water/wastewater industry. American Water seeks out new technology companies that have developed innovations that can, if successful, add value to American Water through deployment across our asset base.

Companies that are interested in American Water's CIP program have their technology vetted through validation testing at one of our sites. Once tested with positive results, American Water's deployment of the technology begins.

By working with innovative companies, American Water creates value for its stakeholders and helps develop new technology throughout the water industry. The CIP designation is not meant to make any formal opinions of the innovation. Rather, it is meant to express that American Water has successfully tested and determined that an innovation has value when deployed across our asset base and is thought to be able to add value if deployed in other water/wastewater systems.

CIP members are change agents and leaders in their industries. If your company has innovative technology that has potential applications for the water/wastewater industry, contact Ben Stanford to see how you can become a CIP partner.

Learn about our Current CIP Partners

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