Corona Environmental Consulting

Corona believes that knowledge is a key barrier in the multi-barrier approach to water production and delivery, and is working closely with American Water to develop a cloud-based geographic information system known as WaterSuite™. In contrast to paper source water assessment reports, WaterSuite is a “living” source water assessment and a key tool for use in source water protection and event response.

By integrating real-time data from various sources, WaterSuite creates a context for more effective and efficient management of water resources and enables prompt data-driven decision-making. Its array of features allows utilities to visualize potential sources of contamination within a watershed, import and share water quality measurements and emergency monitoring plans, track water quality and movement of chemicals in the event of a spill or unplanned release, and search for contaminants by characteristic, all within a platform that is highly secure, interactive, and easily customized.

In support of American Water’s source water monitoring efforts, Corona is extending WaterSuite to manage and analyze water quality data from online instruments.  This effort has drawn the attention of other drinking water utilities and regional water quality monitoring efforts and highlights American Water’s leadership in leveraging data to improve the quality and safety of its drinking water.

Corona provides research and engineering support to the drinking water community to solve complex problems related to the treatment, monitoring and delivery of high quality, safe drinking water.  In collaboration with our partners and clients, Corona has widened its interests to include source waters and premise plumbing.  Working within these new domains involves addressing water quality problems that are traditionally considered outside the jurisdiction of drinking water providers, yet they are important determinants of the quality and safety of water provided to drinking water customers.

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