ENBALA Power Networks

ENBALA Power Networks chose to work with American Water because we saw that the Certified Innovation Partner (CIP) program would give our technology a chance to prove itself in real-time testing with a respected company that embraces new ideas.

ENBALA is an innovative company, and we knew our solution would be a great fit for American Water. The CIP


program gave ENBALA an opportunity to have the ENBALA Power Network vetted through American Water's validation testing, and it proved to be a great fit and a success. By connecting assets at its Pennsylvania water utility subsidiary to the Smart Grid through ENBALA, that subsidiary generated a new revenue stream and offset high electricity costs by delivering Grid Balance to PJM, the region's electricity system operator.

ENBALA's Smart Grid solution will provide great value to American Water and all of its subsidiaries, and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

To learn more about ENBALA Power Networks and our Smart Grid solution, please visit ENBALA.com.