IOSight is an innovator and a market leader in the field of infrastructure facility management. IOSight provides cost effective, user friendly BI/data management and reporting solutions for medium-to-large water and energy infrastructure facilities, reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, saving energy and delivering regulatory compliance.

With proven experience and customer satisfaction in the public utility, energy and manufacturing arenas worldwide, IOSight’s solutions are a paradigm shift. For the first time plant managers and operators can get actionable, accurate, comprehensive, real-time insights into site performance.

iGreen, IOSight’s smart water & energy data management solution, incorporates a rare combination of expertise in diverse disciplines such as engineering, BI, control systems and SCADA, water and energy management and data analytics.  With over 100 installations in some of the world’s largest desalination plants and water management utilities, including here at American Water, IOSight’s solution is mature and robust.

iGreen, IOSight’s core solution suite is an end-to-end, mature BI and data analytics system. iGreen incorporates wide-ranging expert knowledge in the areas of water, desalination, water networks, wastewater treatment, energy and oil & gas. It collects, stores, models and analyzes large amounts of diverse data, from numerous sources, and efficiently presents and provides significant actionable reports and dashboards. By using iGreen, managers and operators of all levels within the organization get access to a real time, comprehensive picture, of plant performance and deep insights into plant activity - thus significantly increasing productivity, saving costs and energy and enabling regulatory compliance.

IOSight has signed a strategic alliance agreement with American Water, including the use of its current solutions (iGreen, iShed, iNet and others) and a mutual R&D program to develop decision support modules that will help water and wastewater treatment plants as well as distribution systems to reduce their energy and chemical costs.

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