Since 1976, PPI has been specializing in the manufacturing of PVC pipes and fittings and a leading company of drinking water, wastewater and building material PVC pipes in Korea.

PPI developed, manufactures and sells iPVC water pipe, an innovative PVC water pipe that has a higher strength and greater flexibility than other PVC pipes to reduce installation issues and provide a tougher longer lasting product for the water industry.

With funding from the Water Research Foundation, American Water directed intensive testing at both university (University of Texas-Arlington’s CUIRE) and professional (Microbac) laboratories on the iPVC water pipe.  The test results confirmed that the iPVC water pipe met and often greatly exceeded AWWA requirements.

About 1,500 feet of the iPVC pipe was subsequently installed by Missouri American Water as a matter of routine pipe installation.  The pipe is compatible with conventional fittings and was cut, tapped and connected normally.  Field installation along with additional field stress testing at CUIRE suggests the potential for the material to be more robust from installation through an extended useful life with high resistance to main breaks.

PPI and American Water have been working on a joint development of iPVC fittings that could avoid corrosion problems of iron fittings in aggressive soils.  Fittings are expected to be released by early 2017.

PPI’s goal is to deliver innovative pipe systems in the water industry in the United States and throughout the world.  To learn more about PPI and iPVC water pipe system, please visit www.ipvcpipe.com.