Partners in innovation

We are always looking for better ways to provide high-quality and reliable service to our customers, and we embrace innovations that help us achieve our goals while making a difference for our customers, our communities, and our environment.

We are a water industry leader in research and development in the public and private sectors, and we are a smart choice as a collaborator in the development and deployment of innovative technology.

We have adopted an open collaboration model to make it easier to work with companies developing innovative technologies, allowing them to benefit from the resources, experience and expertise and scope of an industry leader.

Potential areas of collaboration include:

  • Water Treatment and Distribution
  • Wastewater Treatment and Collection
  • Biosolids Management
  • Energy Management at Water-Energy Nexus

Together, we can bridge the innovation gap and create and implement solutions that will address the needs of future generations while making a difference today. 

To learn more contact Paul Gagliardo at