Fort A.P. Hill


Port Royal, Virginia

In September 2007, under the Department of Defense’s Utility Privatization Program, we were awarded ownership and a 50-year contract for the operations and maintenance of the water distribution and treatment system and the wastewater collection and treatment system at Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia.

This contract covers the Main Cantonment area and several sub-areas. Our responsibilities include system capital investment, regulatory and environmental compliance, planning, asset recapitalization, and long-term operations and maintenance. The water system consists of eight distinct water distribution systems, which include over 48 miles of pipe, twenty-nine water wells, thirty chlorination disinfection systems, eleven booster pumps, twelve storage tanks, two fire booster pumps, and numerous fire hydrants and valves.  

The wastewater system is composed of four independent components that include over 33 miles of pipe, 38 lift stations, two treatment plants and two lagoons for treatment.

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