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We welcome the chance to help developers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and municipalities solve their water and wastewater system operations, management, supply and delivery challenges. We’re committed to working with you to improve our communities and infrastructure.

Do you have a project that requires expert water and wastewater service solutions? We would be proud to work with you. New business partnerships not only give us the chance to work with your team of experts to find smart and innovative solutions — it allows us to cover more ground in improving the water and wastewater systems in the communities we hold so dear.

If you are looking for help with a new or existing water or wastewater system, contact us at 1-563-468-9218 or e-mail us at

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Communities across Iowa are looking for options to deal with their aging water/wastewater systems. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, over the next 20 years, Iowa’s combined water/wastewater infrastructure investment needs total almost $9 billion. Municipalities face ever-increasing regulation mandates, difficult financial budgets and struggle to provide basic services. At the same time, after the tragedy of Flint, Michigan, there are growing concerns from residents over the safety and quality of their water supplies.

Iowa American Water is an option for municipalities facing challenges with their water and/or wastewater challenges. Legislation signed by Governor Reynolds in March 2018 gives communities an alternative to value their water/ wastewater systems by establishing specific processes to determine fair market value when selling to a private provider. It empowers the community to leverage the financial and technical strength of the private sector.

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