Iowa American Water’s Treatment Facility Celebrates Excellence in Workplace Safetyarrow

July 09, 2019

Employees reach nine-year safety milestone without OSHA-recordable incident DAVENPORT, IA (July 9, 2019) – Employees at Iowa American Water’s East River Station Treatment Facility celebrated a significant safety milestone today. Production and water quality employees at the company’s East River Station Treatment Facility have worked nine consecutive years or 3,285 days without experiencing any OSHA recordable incidents. “This is a true testament to the professional and safety-conscious team we have,” said Randy Moore, president. “Our East River Station team is committed not only to providing reliable, high quality water service to our customers in the Iowa Quad Cities but also to following all safety regulations and procedures to keep themselves, their co-workers and our neighbors and community safe.” Iowa American Water conducts regular...

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May 24, 2019

Company’s water quality continues to meet or surpass standards for drinking water Davenport, IA (May 24, 2019) – Iowa American Water announced today that the company’s 2018 Water Quality Reports are now accessible through its website at, as well as via printed copies that can be mailed to customers. The information in the reports confirms that again this year, Iowa American Water has met or surpassed all standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which are enforced by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Also known as the Consumer Confidence Report, this report compares the quality of water supplied by Iowa American Water against standards established by the EPA and Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The report describes local drinking water source information and shares tes...

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Iowa American Water Helps to Protect the Source This Drinking Water Weekarrow

May 16, 2019

DAVENPORT, IOWA (May 7, 2019) — In recognition of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Drinking Water Week 2019, Iowa American Water encourages customers to recognize the vital role water plays in their everyday lives, and how to protect and preserve our world’s most precious natural resource. Drinking Water Week, being observed nationwide this week from May 5 – 11, centers once again on the theme Protect the Source. “Though we have come a long way in terms of our water treatments and services, there is still a lot of work to be done and challenges to overcome,” said Randy Moore, President, Iowa American Water. “The hardest being that water is often taken for granted. Every single day, a person turns on his or her tap to bathe; brush teeth; or get water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. And unless the person notices something unusual, water quality is never given another tho...

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Iowa American Water Issues Drinking Water Safety Assurancearrow

May 01, 2019

Treatment plant secure; Drinking water continues to meet all quality standards DAVENPORT, IOWA (May 1, 2019) As the Mississippi River crests to one of the highest levels on record, residents in the Iowa Quad Cities served by Iowa American Water can have absolute confidence that their drinking water continues to meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Safe Drinking Water Act standards and regulations. Despite the flooding that is occurring in the Quad Cities, Iowa American Water’s treatment plant along the bank of the Mississippi River is secure and protected by the permanent floodwall that was constructed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. “We want to stress to our customers that their drinking water continues to meet all U.S. EPA standards for safety. As we always do, we will continue to take all safety precautions necessary to protect our water treatm...

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Iowa American Water Schedules Water Main Flushing in Clintonarrow

April 16, 2019

Routine distribution system maintenance to occur April 15 - 26 CLINTON, IA (April 12, 2019) Iowa American Water is planning to conduct water main flushing in Clinton beginning on Monday, April 15 and continuing through Friday, April 26. This routine work is being done as part of an annual water main flushing program that enhances customer water service by flushing or cleaning mineral deposits and sediment from water mains. Iowa American Water maintains and inspects over 1,200 fire hydrants annually in Clinton. “The flushing program is designed not only to maintain a high quality of water in the Clinton distribution system but to inspect and operate all of our fire hydrants to assure they are in good working order as well,” said Jarrek Lucke, operations superintendent for the Clinton district. The flushing is set to begin in downtown Clinton on April 15. Much of the f...

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March 21, 2019

Leak repair awareness and how-to campaign focuses on empowering individuals and businesses to stop wasting money and water Davenport, IA (March 20, 2019) – Iowa American Water is leveraging the nationwide awareness campaign taking place during the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Fix a Leak Week in order to advance local wise water use goals as well as provide a savings to homeowners, property owners and businesses in the communities it serves. The annual Fix a Leak Week is a campaign organized by the EPA’s WaterSource program, and this year will be observed from March 18-24. The national campaign helps to raise awareness about small leaks and other water issues that may waste water within homes. Iowa American Water is taking the campaign one step further to emphasize the huge impact individuals and businesses can make by, in essence, spending a little ti...

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Iowa American Water Now Accepting Applications for 2019 Environmental Grant Programarrow

February 25, 2019

Since the program began in Iowa over a decade ago, over $76,000 in grants have been awarded to projects that improve, restore or protect local watersheds DAVENPORT, IA (Feb. 22, 2019) – Iowa American Water announced today that it is now accepting applications for its 2019 Environmental Grant Program to support innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore or protect watersheds and community drinking water supplies. The program supports diverse types of activities, such as watershed cleanups, reforestation efforts, biodiversity projects, streamside buffer restoration projects, wellhead protection initiatives and hazardous waste collection efforts. "Our Environmental Grant Program has been very successful in helping local organizations carry out meaningful, sustainable initiatives that benefit our watersheds,” said Randy Moore, president of...

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January 30, 2019

Iowa American Water offers tips to customers to protect their pipes and water meter from freezing in subzero temps DAVENPORT, IA (January 29, 2019) – With the subzero temperatures we are experiencing this week, Iowa American Water urges homeowners to act now (if they have not already) to protect their household pipes and water meter. Frozen and burst pipes and water meters can bring costly plumbing repairs and frozen water meter replacement fees along with headaches and unplanned expense for homeowners. “Sub-freezing temperatures for an extended period can cause pipes in vulnerable areas to freeze or burst, resulting in costly damage,” said Jim Runzer, director of operations. “Making the necessary preparation for these conditions and learning how to respond to frozen pipes can alleviate the expenses associated with making major repairs.” During exte...

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Iowa American Water Completes $800,000 Storage Tank Maintenance and Repainting Project to Ensure System Reliabilityarrow

December 14, 2018

Bluff Elevated Tank back in service today after three-month project Davenport, Iowa. (December 13, 2018) – An over $800,000 maintenance and re-painting project on Iowa American Water’s elevated Bluff Water Storage Tank in Clinton is now complete. The tank, which is located on Circle Drive in Clinton, has been out of service since early August, so the work could proceed. “This work was necessary to extend the service life of our elevated storage tank,” said Jim Runzer, Director of Operations. “Water tanks serve a vital role in our water distribution systems by enabling consistent water pressure in customers’ homes and businesses, providing adequate water supply during high demand periods and for fire protection.” Iowa American Water wants to thank all of its customers neighboring the tank site who may have experienced some water pressure ...

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Iowa American Water Reminds Residents to Clear Snow from Fire Hydrantsarrow

November 27, 2018

In an emergency, visible fire hydrants can potentially save lives and property DAVENPORT, IA (Nov. 26, 2018) With the record snowfall that the area received overnight, Iowa American Water is reminding residents in its service communities to clear snow from fire hydrants that may be located on or near their property. The snow accumulation, combined with the after-effects of plowing roads and parking lots, may leave many fire hydrants partially or completely buried in snow. By keeping fire hydrants clear of snow, the public can help firefighters easily locate the fire hydrants in the event of an emergency and allow them to access water quickly, preserving valuable time and potentially saving lives and structures. Iowa American Water annually inspects and maintains over 8,100 hydrants in Bettendorf, Blue Grass, Clinton, Davenport, Dixon, LeClaire, Panorama Park and Riverdale. If y...

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