Iowa American Water's $500,000 Investment in Storage Tank Maintenance Ensures System Reliabilityarrow

July 11, 2018

Work on elevated water storage tank begins in LeClaire Davenport, Iowa. (July 11, 2018) – Maintenance work on Iowa American Water’s elevated water storage tank in LeClaire begins this week with interior and exterior painting of the structure scheduled to begin soon. The tank, which is located near the intersection of Iowa Drive and S. 14th Street, is being drained today in preparation for the work. Tank maintenance crews will complete external maintenance work prior to re-painting the tank’s exterior and interior surfaces. The nearly $500,000 project is expected to be complete by the end of October. “This work is necessary to extend the service life of our elevated storage tanks,” said Jim Runzer, Director of Operations. “Water tanks serve a vital role in our water distribution systems by enabling consistent water pressure in customers’ ...

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July 03, 2018

Tips and insights to use water wisely Davenport, IA (June 29, 2018) – Now that it’s officially summer and temperatures and humidity are on the rise, Iowa American Water is offering wise water use tips to help its customers safety and smartly save water. During a typical summer season, the average U.S. family can use anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons of water daily. Iowa American Water is offering customers and communities the knowledge, insights, tips and tools they need to be responsible water consumers this summer. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, most U.S. homeowners use two to four times more water during the summer months, with an estimated 50 percent of water used for outdoor purposes going to waste from evaporation, wind or runoff due to overwatering. “Summer months tend to be a very water-centric season. People have law...

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Iowa American Water’s Treatment Facility Celebrates Excellence in Workplace Safetyarrow

June 26, 2018

Employees reach eight-year safety milestone without OSHA-recordable incident DAVENPORT, IA (June 26, 2018) – Employees at Iowa American Water’s East River Station Treatment Facility celebrated a significant safety milestone today. Production and water quality employees at the company’s East River Station Treatment Facility have worked eight consecutive years or 2,920 days without experiencing any OSHA recordable incidents. “This is a true testament to the professional and safety-conscious team we have,” said Jim Runzer, director of operations. “They are committed not only to providing reliable, high quality water service to our customers in the Iowa Quad Cities but also to following all safety regulations and procedures to keep themselves, their co-workers and our neighbors and community safe.” Iowa American Water conducts regular safety...

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Iowa American Water to Award $8,000 to Four Local Watershed Projects through 2018 Environmental Grant Programarrow

June 01, 2018

Since program began in Iowa a decade ago, over $76,000 in grants have been awarded to projects that improve, restore or protect local watersheds DAVENPORT, IA (May 31, 2018) – Iowa American Water announced today that four local watershed initiatives will be awarded funding through the company’s 2018 Environmental Grant Program. The recipients will share grant funds totaling $8,000 for community projects that improve, restore or protect watersheds. “Our Environmental Grant Program is designed to help organizations carry out projects that benefit our waterways, raise awareness about the importance of water in our lives and promote community participation,” said Randy Moore, president of Iowa American Water. “We are pleased to support these worthwhile endeavors and extend our appreciation to the individuals and organizations that are making them happen.&rdq...

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May 23, 2018

Iowa American Water announced recently that the company’s 2017 Consumer Confidence Reports (water quality reports) are now available to customers online on its website at The annual report is a performance measure of the quality of water supplied by Iowa American Water against the compliance standards established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The report describes local drinking water sources, testing conducted on the water, substances detected, and the levels of those substances. The report includes water quality date for the year ending December 31, 2017. Commonly asked questions and answers concerning local drinking water are also included in the report. Iowa American Water switched to an online water quality report several years ago as part of its green initiative that promotes a more effi...

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Iowa American Water Honors Earth Day by Confirming Commitment to Protecting the Environment and Pursuing Sustainability as a Corporate Citizenarrow

April 24, 2018

Environmental protection efforts extend to online social media campaign to mobilize communities to End Plastic Pollution DAVENPORT, IOWA (April 20, 2018) – In recognition of Earth Day 2018, Iowa American Water is affirming its commitment to environmental education that can lead to positive action. Programs like the annual Environmental Grant Program offering funding for innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore or protect the watersheds, surface water and groundwater supplies in local communities, along with larger ongoing investments in water infrastructure, are just some of the many ways that Iowa American Water works to involve and communicate with customers regarding our most precious resource. “From day one, it was integral to our business vision that we do more than simply supply water to our customers,” said Randy Moore, Preside...

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Iowa American Water Reminds Customers That Each Drop Adds Up During Fix a Leak Weekarrow

March 22, 2018

Stop leaks and save money with free materials and resources to help reduce the trillion-plus gallons of water lost in residential leaks every year DAVENPORT, IOWA (March 22, 2018) – Iowa American Water and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are reaching out to promote Fix a Leak Week, which runs from March 19-25. The national campaign, part of the EPA’s WaterSense program, helps to raise awareness about small leaks and other water that may be inadvertently wasted within homes. With more than 110 million households in this country, a seemingly minor leak from a faucet, showerhead, toilet, or other appliance can collectively result in a tremendous amount of wasted water. With the average residence losing 10,000 gallons a year, this means that more than a trillion gallons of water are lost annually nationwide through leaks occurring within homes. Through initiativ...

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Iowa American Water Reminds Customers to Be Alert to Potential Utility Worker Identity Scams arrow

March 16, 2018

Company emphasizes that water company employees always have company-issued photo ID badges; If in doubt, call the water company to confirm a worker’s identity DAVENPORT, IA (March 16, 2018) – Iowa American Water today issued an advisory to customers to be wary of individuals posing as water company personnel to gain access to their home. This advisory comes after a customer in Davenport reported that two individuals knocked on her door claiming to be a water utility employees. Tthe customer allowed the individuals access to her home, and unfortunately, while one person distracted the customer, the second stole property from the home. The Davenport Police Department is investigating the incident. "For the safety of our customers, we are reminding them that our employees always carry company-issued photo ID badges and will never come to a customer’s home dema...

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Iowa American Water Lifts Precautionary Boil Advisory in Clintonarrow

February 07, 2018

Clinton Customers no longer need to boil water before drinking or cooking CLINTON, IA. (February 7, 2018) – Effective at 12 P.M. (NOON) today, Iowa American is lifting the precautionary boil advisory in its Clinton District. Water quality tests have confirmed that the water continues to meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Act and Iowa Department of Natural Resources regulations. It is no longer necessary for affected customers to boil their water before drinking or cooking. During the boil water advisory, Iowa American Water performed a series of tests to determine if the water met regulatory drinking water standards. Multiple samples were taken from numerous sites throughout Clinton, and water quality tests have confirmed that the water meets all federal and state requirements. The precautionary boil advisory was the result of a 16-inch water main ...

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Iowa American Water Provides Update to its Clinton Customers arrow

February 06, 2018

CLINTON, IA. (February 6, 2018) – Iowa American Water is asking customers in its Clinton District to continue to follow the precautionary boil advisory put into effect yesterday until water quality tests can confirm the water meets all state and federal water quality regulations. Water company crews completed emergency repair work on the large water main break in the 1400 block of 13th Avenue South in Clinton late last night. As required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa American Water is doing extensive testing of its Clinton distribution system prior to lifting the precautionary boil advisory put into effect on Monday afternoon (Feb. 5). Water quality test results are due back on Wednesday morning, Feb. 7. Customers will be notified via the company’s CodeRED notification system along with local news media once water quality tests confirm the water meets ...

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