Iowa American Water Honors Earth Day by Confirming Commitment to Protecting the Environment and Pursuing Sustainability as a Corporate Citizen

Environmental protection efforts extend to online social media campaign to mobilize communities to End Plastic Pollution

DAVENPORT, IOWA (April 20, 2018) – In recognition of Earth Day 2018, Iowa American Water is affirming its commitment to environmental education that can lead to positive action. Programs like the annual Environmental Grant Program offering funding for innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore or protect the watersheds, surface water and groundwater supplies in local communities, along with larger ongoing investments in water infrastructure, are just some of the many ways that Iowa American Water works to involve and communicate with customers regarding our most precious resource.
“From day one, it was integral to our business vision that we do more than simply supply water to our customers,” said Randy Moore, President, Iowa American Water. “Every day we strive to be leaders in environmental stewardship through our own processes and procedures, as well as by empowering the communities around us with the knowledge and tools they need to make changes, get involved and to play a role in preserving and protecting our natural resources. Whether its cleaning up river ways and watersheds or helping to support projects and organizations that enhance the wise water use of our most precious resource, we embrace our responsibility and ability to mobilize communities in making an impact.”
To that end, Iowa American Water has invests approximately $16 million annually for improvements to replace or upgrade water infrastructure, fix leaks and provide clean, safe, reliable water to our customers, which also leads to increased job creation. Each Earth Day, there is also a company-wide outreach campaign designed to bring to light the most critical issues related to the annual Earth Day focus, as well as to provide private citizens and businesses with practical ways they can make fundamental changes in attitude and behavior in order to advance global initiatives.
“Aside from the huge carbon footprint of plastic production and the 5.5 billion tons of plastic overtaking landfills and the natural environment, plastic waste is impacting our water resources specifically. It’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year—putting more than 700 species at risk. And it’s not a problem just out at sea. We encounter plastic waste in local streams and waterways, and something has to change not only be more mindful of proper disposal, but to being less dependent on plastics and more open to the eco-friendly alternatives that are available.”

Iowa American Water offers th e following tips, structured around the Earth Day Network’s five pillars of changefor ending plastic pollution:

•REDUCE: Replace single-use plastic items in the home with reusable alternatives. Also pay attention to fabrics, avoiding plastic-based synthetics such as nylon and polyester

•REFUSE: Ask wait staff to remove plastic straws and request ceramic/glass drinking vessels if available. When shopping for groceries and almost everything else, avoid purchasing anything in plastic packaging, and request non-plastic shopping bags for your purchases.

•REUSE: Get creative and maximize the “life” of any plastic items you must have in the home—reuse takeout containers for other leftovers, use other containers for your pets' water bowls. Also advocate with local lawmakers for the passing of a ban on single-use plastic products.

•RECYCLE: Know what plastics can be recycle and educate yourself on properly preparing these items for your recycling service provider.

•REMOVE: Get involved in community cleanup days and/or support organizations that host cleanup initiatives.

“Whether it is Earth Day, or any other day, we understand that there are many steps, both big and small, that can help have a positive impact on our planet,” added Moore.
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