Restoration information from Illinois American Water Company

What/Where/Why:  During the fall-winter of 2016, Illinois American Water Company replaced about 400 feet of 8” water main that had reached the end of its useful life between Gamble Dr. And Hitchcock Avenue.  While the water main construction work was substantially completed at the end of last year, this communication is being sent to assure you that we will address incomplete restoration work within the project limits.

Restoration:  We are in the process of scheduling pavement and landscaping restoration with Airy’s Inc., who is the general contractor on this project.  As soon as the weather is favorable for an extended period of time, the restoration phase of this project will begin. We are scheduled to begin this work by mid-April. Henry Maradiaga will serve as our construction inspector.  Please do not hesitate to contact Henry Maradiaga 630-739-8859 with any concerns regarding this project.

Any questions? Illinois American Water Company is committed to providing high quality water and reliable service to you.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience during our ongoing commitment to improve and maintain the utility infrastructure.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Delores Sanders, Engineering Construction Coordinator, at the number or email listed below.

Location: IL
Issued: 4/15/17
Start Time: 8:30 AM
End Time: 4/15/18
Expires: 4/15/18
Contact Name: Henry Maradiaga
Contact Phone:  630-739-8859
Posted in: Construction