Domestic Water Service Application

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Katrina Galey New Services Department: 217-373-3218

Water Service Application Timeframe Requirements

Application for new service may be submitted by the owner or approved agent at the Illinois American Water Office at 1406 Cardinal Court in Urbana, or emailed. A separate application is required for a domestic and Irrigation service at the same address. Illinois American Water requests that the application for new service is submitted at the time of applying for a building permit. Illinois American Water will accept applications in person or you can email your application at All required information must be completed, or the service application will be rejected.

Official street address and/or lot number of the premises shall be supplied by the Applicant and must be displayed on the building to be served (or its foundation) before the water service application is approved

Illinois American Water requests that at the time of municipality plumbing and electrical inspections (or prior to installation of drywall), that the company is provided 48 hours notice to allow for meter setting review

Customer water service lines shall be stubbed above grade at property line with the appropriate passed inspection service sticker (if service line inspection has not been completed by municipality, the service shall be installed per the IDPH Plumbing Code.) The service line will not be tapped if the line is not visible. A fee of $75 maybe applied for each additional trip to conduct service installation.

At the time of the meter setting review, applicant must mark the location where the service line is to enter the property with a white stake.

Should construction material, equipment or debris be located over the proposed water service location at the time of the company’s attempt of the water service tap installation, delay will result in the installation of the water service and may result in an additional fee.

If building is other than residential (single family), you must provide a drawing of the meter room location and layout.

Water Service Application and Service Material/ Construction Requirements

Service lines need to be taken to the nearest water main not in line with driveway approach or other permanent structures. Contact Illinois American if not sure of closest main. If service lines are not to the nearest main, additional fees and/or delays may result.

Customer water service lines will be of proper material that meets the applicable municipality and state plumbing code. It is important to indicate appropriate material on service application or an additional fee of $75 maybe applied to account for extra time to obtain the appropriate adaptor coupler during service installation.

Application shall include the total number and type of plumbing fixtures

In multiple meter installation locations, each service must have an individual shutoff at the street, or be located in an accessible meter room. All meter settings must have distinctive permanent indication of apartment number.

Water service lines larger than 1-inch will require Illinois American Water to utilize the provided fixture count to verify requested service size. Meter sizes shall be determined by Illinois American Water and shall follow the attached table: