Illinois American Water Lifts Boil Water Order in Most Communities;


Voluntary Conservation Measures Continue

Sale-for-resale communities of Illinois American Water must notify their direct customers on status of their system boil orders

Belleville, Ill. (Jan. 5, 2018) — Illinois American Water has lifted the boil water order issued on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018, to the Metro East service area. This lift is for direct customers of Illinois American Water. Sale-for-resale (wholesale) communities that purchase water in bulk from Illinois American Water and manage their own distribution systems will notify their customers of the status of their system boil water orders.

The boil order has been lifted immediately in the following communities directly served by Illinois American Water:

• Belleville

• East St. Louis

• Centreville

• Brooklyn

• Fairmont City

• Sauget

• Shiloh

• Washington Park

• Alorton

• Cahokia (from Commonfields of Cahokia PWD)

• Swansea

• Canteen Township

• St. Clair Township

• Stookey Township

• Smithton Township

The following sale-for-resale (wholesale) communities will notify their customers-residents regarding their boil water order status:

• Scott Air Force Base

• O’Fallon (Also provides water to Fairview Heights)

• Caseyville

• Millstadt

• Commonfields of Cahokia Public Water District

• Columbia

• Waterloo

• Concordia Water District

is American Water Lifts Boil Water Order; Conservation Requirement and Treatment Change Continues

In the communities where the boil order has been lifted, water quality tests by Illinois American Water have confirmed the water continues to meet all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Act standards and regulations. It is no longer necessary for customers to boil their water before drinking or cooking. During this boil water order, Illinois American Water performed a series of tests to determine if the water met regulatory drinking water standards. Samples were taken from sites in the affected area and tests confirmed that the water meets all state and federal requirements.

"Our team wants to thank our direct customers for their patience during this boil water order," said Karen Cooper, senior manager of field operations and production. "There is always a sense of urgency when water service to our customers is affected. The last thing we want to do is impact water service to our friends, neighbors and the businesses we support, but we also want to ensure our customers are receiving safe, quality drinking water. Therefore, a boil water order was necessary. We appreciate our customers understanding."

Illinois American Water is continuing to request all customers, including wholesale customers, conserve water while crews continue to battle frigid temperatures and the effect on the local water system. Customers will be notified when the conservation measure is no longer needed.

Cooper said, "We simply ask customers to use no more than they need and to use water wisely. If they need to wash their clothes or dishes, they should wait until they have a full load. We thank them for their cooperation as this effort will help ensure we can continue to meet critical demand to homes, businesses and for fire protection."

The water treatment change to "free chlorine" is also in effect until further notice. Illinois American Water has used this stronger disinfectant, which does not contain ammonia, in the past. Most recently, this treatment was used in the fall during water main and fire hydrant flushing. Chlorine is commonly used in public water systems as a disinfectant and is monitored closely by water quality professionals. During the temporary treatment change, customers may experience a more noticeable chlorine taste or odor in their water. There is no reason for concern. This is due to the switch in chlorine types. Institutions with additional water purification filters for special needs, for instance Hospitals and Dialysis Centers, have been contacted about this work and are aware of the treatment change. If a customer has a health care or home health care need that requires purified or filtered water, they should reach out to their healthcare provider.

The conservation measures and treatment change affects customers residing in the area highlighted on this map link – Sale-for-resale (wholesale) customers are also affected. They have been notified and are contacting their customers. The Granite City service area and sale-for-resale customers who receive water from our Granite City water treatment plant (Bond Madison, Pontoon Beach, Mitchell and Madison) are NOT affected. The Alton service area is also NOT affected.

Cooper stated, "We want to thank our customers for their understanding. We also appreciate the support they have shown our teams working in the extreme cold. It’s very encouraging and appreciated. We truly love what we do and serving the good people of these communities."

Illinois American Water direct customers are being notified of the boil water lift and continued conservation as well as the continued treatment change via media outreach, customer calls and website alerts at Information is also provided to our customer service center representatives.