System Updates

It’s no secret that much of the water infrastructure across the country is aging and in need of repair or replacement. Our engineering and operations teams work closely with our communities to identify problem areas and put plans into action to upgrade our systems and infrastructure.

Improving system resiliency is also a major focus to help protect plants, underground systems, and other crucial infrastructure from extreme weather events, natural hazards and malevolent threats.

Across the country, American Water manages approximately:

  • 81 surface water treatment plants
  • 500 groundwater treatment plants
  • 1,000 groundwater wells
  • 100 wastewater treatment facilities
  • 1,200 treated water storage facilities
  • 1,300 pumping stations
  • 89 dams and approximately 48,000 miles of mains and collection pipesWe invest more than $1 billion annually into our systems to ensure continued reliability for our customers, who count on us every day to provide high-quality water and reliable wastewater service at a good value.

2018 Illinois System Improvements

Each year, Illinois American Water typically invests $70 million - $100 million for system maintenance and upgrades to our water and wastewater operations. These investments are necessary to improve treatment facilities, storage tanks, wells and pumping stations to ensure that your water and wastewater service meets all regulatory standards. In addition, we proactively replace aging pipes, valves, service lines and other parts of our nearly 4,100-mile network of water and sewer main to enhance water quality, service reliability and fire protection for the communities we serve.  Click here for interactive map of our 2018 infrastructure upgrade projects - COMING SOON.