Developer Services Customer Resources

Developers and other interested parties can use the links below to help plan or implement a project. Please refer to the Indiana American Water Developer Services Process as your overall guide to using these materials.

If you have questions, please contact your local Developer Services Contact for more information or e-mail Indiana American Water Developer Services at


Local District Contact


Indiana American Water 2018 Pipeline Specifications

Developer Detail Drawings

Standard Water Main Install Notes
Developer Checklist for Water Main Extensions

Guide to Developer Installed Water Mains

Approval/Engineering Review - Submittals to local Developer Services Contact

Minimum Standards for Preliminary Review of Water Main Extensions
Indiana Administrative Code Rule 3.2 Public Water Supply - Technical Standards for Water Mains (327IAC 8-3.2-1, page 164)
For Technical Specifications contact your Local Developer Services Contacts

Sample Drawings

Sample - Main Extension Plan -- Residential (pdf)
Sample - Main Extension Plan -- Commercial (pdf)
Sample - Easement Exhibit Drawing (pdf)

Fire Service Documents

Private Fire Service Rules, Regulations and Application
Fire Service Vault Standard Details

Shelbyville, Indiana Vault Details

Documents to prepare Agreements

Estimated Cost Form (pdf)

Fire Department Review Form for Water Main Extensions

Proposed Water Main Extension Project Sheet
Contractor Prequalification Application to Install Water Mains

Sample Agreements

Standard Agreement for Water Main Extensions - On-Site -- All Districts Except Northwest
Standard Agreement for Water Main Extension - Off Site -- All Districts Except Northwest
Standard Agreement for Water Main Extension - On-Site -- Northwest District Only

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA): Impact on Developer installed Water Main Extensions

Developer TCJA Brochure

Easement Documents

Standard Indiana American Water Utility Easement Document and Instructions


Certification by Engineer (pdf)
Final Actual Cost Form (pdf)
Pressure and Leakage Test Form (pdf)
Transfer of Ownership (pdf)
As-Builts Minimum Standards