Water System to Undergo Spring Cleaning


In late April, Kentucky American Water crews will conduct a water system maintenance activity called “flushing.” During the flushing activity, crews open selected fire hydrants so that water can flow through the water mains and out of the hydrants at an accelerated pace, removing any natural sediment that has built up since the last flushing activity. Flushing helps Kentucky American Water to continue providing excellent quality water to customers.


Because we adjust our treatment processes during the flushing activity, customers may notice a more significant chlorine smell in the water from April 20 to May 22. This is normal and not harmful. Although the chlorine smell may be more apparent, the level of chlorine in the water remains the same.


Customers may also experience a slight discoloration of their water when crews are working in their areas of town. Should a customer notice discolored water coming from the tap, they should simply run their COLD water faucet until the water clears. The water remains safe to consume, but customers may want to avoid such activities as washing clothes when crews are flushing in their areas, since there is potential for discolored water that could stain clothing.


When will be flushing in your area? Click here to find out: https://tinyurl.com/kb7t85v



Location: Kentucky
Issued: 3/27/2017
Start Time: 12:01
End Time: 12:01
Expires: 5/23/2017
Contact Name: Susan Lancho
Contact Phone: 859-268-6332