$1 Million Owenton Wastewater Plant Improvement Project Resumes

Kentucky American Water is investing approximately $1 million to upgrade Owenton’s wastewater treatment plant, but Mother Nature was a challenge for the project last year as 2018 was the wettest year on record for much of Kentucky. The extensive rainfall caused delays in the project but work has recently resumed and is anticipated to conclude later this year.  

The improvement project includes replacement of the 32-year-old facility’s lagoon, which is a pond used in the process of breaking down waste matter. Naturally occurring bacteria drive the process in the lagoon, with the sun and wind also playing significant roles.  In order to replace the liners, the lagoon first needs to be drained and dredged. Large tanks are used to fill in for the lagoon temporarily during the project.

The draining and dredging in the lagoon during the project can sometimes cause a harmless but unusual odor, which may be somewhat noticeable to nearby residents.

“We certainly apologize for the inconvenience some property owners may experience as we work to complete this project,” said Nathan Clark, senior superintendent of Kentucky American Water’s Northern District. “We are continuing to do everything we can to move this project along safely and efficiently, even with last year’s unanticipated weather delays. This is a great investment for improving this facility’s reliability and efficiency, which in turn helps us serve our customers better.”