Temporary Water Treatment Adjustment and System Flushing Continue in Owen County

Kentucky American Water reminds customers in the Owen County area that its crews continue to conduct water system flushing throughout the county, and its Kentucky River Station II at Hardin’s Landing water treatment plant on US 127 North continues to use free chlorine as a disinfectant instead of chloramines on a temporary basis. Both of these operational adjustments have been in effect since Nov. 5, and are necessary to further recover from this fall’s flash drought.  

Customers may notice Kentucky American Water crews opening fire hydrants in a coordinated fashion so that water can flow through the water mains and out of the hydrants at an accelerated pace, helping to move water around the system. Crews de-chlorinate the water as it leaves hydrants so that any water entering streams is not harmful to aquatic life.

Customers may detect a more noticeable chlorine smell in the water during this temporary water treatment change. This is normal and not harmful. The water is safe to consume. Although the chlorine smell may be more apparent, the level of chlorine in the water remains the same. If the chlorine odor is too strong for customers, they may wish to reduce it by placing water in an uncovered glass container in the refrigerator overnight.

It’s also possible that customers may experience a slight discoloration of their water and lower water pressure at times during the flushing activity. Should a customer notice discolored water coming from the tap, they should simply run their cold water faucet – not hot water – until the water clears.

Also as a reminder, as of Nov. 6 all Kentucky American Water customers were clear of boil water advisories related to the flash drought conditions.