Providing Missouri Communities with Water and Wastewater Solutions

Many communities across the country are facing water and wastewater challenges. Missouri American Water has been tackling these problems for more than 140 years, and today we’re proud to provide approximately 1.5 million Missourians with clean, safe, reliable and affordable water and/or wastewater service.

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How We Help Communities

Investing to maintain and upgrade aging water and wastewater systems is critical for providing safe and reliable service. In 2022 Missouri American Water will invest $430 million in the communities we serve to replace aging pipes and other essential equipment.

It can be difficult for water and wastewater systems to keep up with ever-increasing health and environmental regulations. Our team of water quality experts is at the forefront of research and compliance, working closely with regulators as new standards and treatment techniques are developed. We perform more than 500,000 water quality tests each year so that our water and wastewater systems consistently meet or surpass all state and federal standards.

Many cities face numerous priorities that place a constraint on financial resources. The sale of water and wastewater systems can generate new revenue while eliminating future costs and liabilities of the systems. Net proceeds of the sale can be reinvested in the community to provide parks, streets and sidewalks, public safety, economic development, and fund pension liabilities. In addition to the sale proceeds, as a private business we also pay taxes each year that support schools and other local services.

Water and wastewater is what we do. Our full-time professional staff has the operational and technical expertise needed to efficiently manage water and wastewater systems of any size. In addition to our nearly 700 employees in Missouri, we also have access to shared American Water resources and issue experts that allow us to stay on top of industry challenges. We take great pride in hiring employees in the communities we serve and offer competitive wages and benefits.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We consistently rank in the top quartile of independent customer service surveys when compared to other utilities. J.D. Power ranked Missouri American Water 2nd highest in the Midwest for overall customer satisfaction in their 2020 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySM.

We care about the communities we serve and are active in supporting local civic and charitable activities through financial contributions and volunteer hours. Last year we donated more than $30,000 through our firefighter grant program to support enhanced training and equipment. Our mascot Puddles loves attending community events and is a hit with both the young and young at heart.

We’re committed to delivering value to our customers and the communities we serve by keeping our rates as low as possible while providing quality service. Because of our tremendous experience, industry expertise and size we’re able to maximize efficiencies through economies of scale, from our buying power to centralized business functions. Whether you’re concerned about operating costs or the rate impact of a big investment in your system, we’re happy to discuss how we can provide great value to your community.


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