Restoration Work: Restoration is the process Missouri American Water uses to address and correct any damage caused to non-Missouri American Water property as a result of a water main break or work the company has performed. More information about the restoration process can be found in the graphic at the bottom of this page.

Sometimes it is necessary for Missouri American Water to excavate the road, sidewalk or driveway to perform necessary work. In such cases, we will provide a temporary surface restoration. Weather permitting, permanent restoration work is typically completed within 90 days from the date of temporary restoration.

Please note: permanent restoration work on asphalt, concrete, and lawn surfaces may be delayed during winter months (from mid-October through April 1) depending on local and state rules and regulations related to paving. When this occurs, we will complete the restoration work as soon as possible in the spring. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at: 866-430-0820.

Personal Property Damage: Unfortunately, damage to personal property sometimes occurs, including during a water main break. This might include damage to a basement and its contents, landscaping issues or damage to vehicles. If you are facing such an issue, please contact us at 866-430-0820 to report your damage.