St. Louis County monthly billing conversion

Beginning in September 2018, Missouri American Water will be transitioning customers in St. Louis County who are currently billed on a quarterly basis to monthly billing. Customers will receive 12 smaller bills instead of four larger bills. Monthly billing should make it easier for customers, especially those on fixed incomes, to include the cost of water service in their monthly household budgets.

Benefits of monthly billing include:

  • Consistency for personal accounting of monthly home budgets
  • Less fluctuation in billing amounts, especially after heavy usage periods
  • Monthly billing provides customers with more frequent and timely information about their water usage. This benefits customers in two ways:
    • It allows customers to adjust their water usage habits if they feel they are using too much water.
    • It allows customers to detect any leaks in their household plumbing sooner. (Detecting leaks early and conserving water not only protects our precious natural resource, but it also saves money.)

When will monthly billing begin?

We will be transitioning to monthly billing in St. Louis County beginning in September 2018.

How will the transition to monthly billing happen?

  • Quarterly to monthly billing conversion will begin with customers with AMI devices installed. Currently there are approximately 180,000 Missouri American customers with AMI devices and receiving quarterly bills.
  • Customers who do not have AMI installed at time of conversion will remain on a quarterly billing cycle until the following iteration for conversion.
  • Beginning in September, selected Missouri American Water customers will receive their last quarterly water bill. This bill will cover service fees and water usage according to their regular quarterly billing date. The following bill will begin their new monthly billing cycle.
  • Dependent upon your current billing cycle, you may receive a new monthly bill that has been pro-rated to ensure you are being billed properly. The following explains how this process will work:
    • For customers with AMI reading devices currently installed: You will receive a quarterly bill on your regular quarterly billing date. This will look no different than your quarterly bills received to date. You will then be billed on a monthly basis thereafter.
    • Depending on when you receive the last quarterly bill and when your new monthly read date falls, you may receive a bill for more/less than one month of usage. Billing thereafter will fall into a regular monthly pattern.

If you are enrolled in EFT payments, your bank account will be debited monthly instead of quarterly beginning when your new monthly billing cycle begins.

How will this new billing schedule affect me?

Your bill will reflect the charges for your water usage each month compared to the current quarterly bill that covers three months’ usage. Providing monthly bills usually makes it easier for customers, especially those on fixed incomes, to more accurately calculate the cost of water service in their monthly household budgets.

How can I get AMI installed?

  • St. Louis County customers will be converted to AMI through 2020. As the conversion efforts progress, you will receive communications notifying of the conversion and/or requesting you to call for an appointment if your meter location is inside your home. For more information regarding the AMI project please visit our webpage at under the Customer Service & Billing tab in FAQ.

How does converting to monthly billing benefit customers?

  • Providing 12 smaller bills instead of four larger bills makes it easier for customers, especially those on fixed incomes, to include the cost of water service in their monthly household budgets.
  • Plus, since monthly bills come more frequently, you will receive more frequent and timely information about your water usage, enabling you to adjust your usage if you feel you are using too much water. It also allows you to detect leaks sooner. Detecting leaks early saves water and money.

How does this affect me if I am on the automatic payment program?

Your automatic payment plan will continue to operate, but will deduct your payment monthly instead of quarterly.

How do I sign up for the automatic payment program?

The automatic payment program enables you to pay your water bill directly from your checking or savings account. The service is free, and you can discontinue it at any time. To sign up, call us at 1-866-430-0820 or register online at

Can I receive my water bill through email, instead of the regular mail?

Yes, you can join thousands of customers who are enrolled in American Water’s Paperless Billing program. It is free and very easy to do. To register, visit us online at or register online at Once you are registered, we will notify you by email when your bill is available to view online. Plus, you’ll have easy access to electronic versions of any materials you would have received with your paper bill, along with past bills to view your usage history.

Where can I get more information?

If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service Center. We are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1-866-430-0820. Of course, we’re available to assist in an emergency 24/7.