GIS Work Underway Across the State

Over the next year, you may notice our employees out and about in neighborhoods across our service area with equipment that looks much like what you see in this picture. Wonder what we're doing?

New Jersey American Water’s distribution system comprises 1.5 million assets including valves, hydrants, curb stops, meter pits, plus 9,500 miles of water and sewer main. Throughout the year, our employees conduct thousands of site visits to inspect, maintain and upgrade these facilities. The faster we can find them, the better.

Historically, we printed out maps of our distribution system to locate facilities when needed. These maps often included reference points. Over time, however, we found that reference points can be altered as a result of construction, vegetation growth or even natural disasters.

We’re moving away from paper-based maps with the use of Geographic Information System (GIS)—a sophisticated software that helps us to better locate and log our underground facilities. Once our assets are entered into the system, which is what we’re doing today, it helps us to work more efficiently because we can locate our facilities much faster and with precision, which is critical in times when every minute counts.

Please note: Our employees and contractors ALWAYS wear ID badges. And, there is never a need for us to enter your home when we're conducting this work.

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Location: New Jersey
Issued: 03/16/2016
Start Time: 3:19 p.m.
End Time: 3:19 p.m.
Expires: 12/31/2017
Contact Name: Customer Service Center
Contact Phone: 1-800-272-1325
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