New Jersey American Water's Response to EWG Report

At New Jersey American Water, we take water quality and safety very seriously. Our treatment processes ensure our systems meet or surpass all current EPA and NJ DEP standards for safe drinking water, and we continually sample our water to ensure compliance.

The compounds listed in the EWG report were reported by New Jersey American Water previously to NJ DEP. Most are disinfectant by products, which result from the disinfection process, and we meet all regulatory standards for these. The remaining compounds are in the source water at levels far below recognized drinking water standards. While we do not specifically treat for these unregulated compounds, their presence is affected by the overall treatment process.

New Jersey American Water is proud of our water quality record and we work very hard to make sure that our customers have access to their water quality data. Each year, we produce water quality reports for our customers telling them about the quality of their water and make this information available to them on our website. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets water quality standards intended to protect public health and New Jersey American Water treats and delivers water that meets or surpasses EPA and New Jersey drinking water standards. Further, we participate in community source water protection programs nationwide to help safeguard our water sources. The end result of these efforts is that New Jersey American Water treats and delivers high quality, reliable water.

Location: Statewide
Issued: 10-23-2019
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 12:00 AM
Expires: 11-8-2019
Contact Name: Customer Service Center
Contact Phone: 1-800-272-1325
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