Glendora Fire Company Receives Drone Donation from National Public Safety Drone Donation Program and New Jersey American Water

Glendora, N.J. – The Glendora Fire Company welcomed representatives from the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) / Airborne Works and New Jersey American Water for an event celebrating the generous donation of a drone to the fire company.

Photo of Glendora Fire Company, New Jersey American Water and NPS-DDP The event, held at Station 81 in Glendora, featured formal remarks from Chief Michael Ricciardelli of Glendora Fire Company, CEO Mark Langley of Airborne Works and others, as well as the presentation of the drone to the fire company. Additionally, firefighters from Glendora Fire Company held an onsite demonstration showcasing the drone’s maneuverability and lifesaving capabilities.

In emergency situations, every second is deemed important. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drone technology can provide assistance to public safety departments/companies with emergency calls. Unfortunately, many public safety departments/companies across the nation cannot afford to purchase UAVs/drones, as the cost of the technology is very high. Airborne Works hoped to alleviate this issue when establishing the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) – a UAV/drone donation program whereby public safety departments/ companies may apply to receive a UAV/drone at no cost.

“Budget cuts effect many public safety departments across the country, leaving no funds to purchase a drone or UAV,” explained Mark Langley, CEO of NPS-DDP and Airborne Works. “Many simply go without. NPS-DDP was created to help put ‘eyes in the sky for every department in need’TM  As a FLIR thermal sensor and UAV provider, we make systems both affordable and available to any agency in need – all in effort to best help our public safety officers perform their duties safer and more efficiently. It is our hope that more companies will see the value of supporting NPS-DDP – we value the generous contribution of New Jersey American Water which helped make this lifesaving donation possible.”

Seeking out creative ways to enhance their services, Glendora Fire Company recently applied for a UAV/drone through NPS-DDP. After careful review and evaluation, the company was excited to receive the news that they had been chosen by NPS-DDP to be a recipient of a drone generously donated to the program by New Jersey American Water.

“New Jersey American Water utilizes drone technology to not only maintain our systems, but also keep our employees safe and out of harm’s way,” explained Chris Kahn, GIS Manager at New Jersey American Water. “When the opportunity to participate with NPS-DDP was presented to us, we were excited to take part. We are proud to support our first responders at Glendora Fire Company, who can utilize this type of lifesaving technology in the field.”

“We work hard to provide exceptional fire protection, safety and rescue services to all those in need within our community,” said Fire Chief Michael Ricciardelli. “On behalf of our entire company, we extend our heartfelt thanks to NPS-DDP, Airborne Works and New Jersey American Water for our new drone. The addition of this technology to our company will provide an extra layer of assistance and support to our personnel and ultimately help better protect residents in Glendora, Gloucester Township and all of our surrounding communities.”

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