System Updates

Our team of experts continuously monitor, maintain and upgrade our facilities to ensure that they operate efficiently and meet all regulatory standards. This requires constantly upgrading our infrastructure, including:

  • treatment plants
  • tanks
  • pump stations
  • fire hydrants
  • metering equipment

In fact, every year, New Jersey American Water spends hundreds of millions on water and wastewater system improvements at its treatment facilities and in its distribution systems. These projects help to improve water quality, service reliability and fire protection for the communities we serve. And, they create jobs. For every $1 million invested in water infrastructure, it is estimated that 16 jobs are created. 

In 2016, New Jersey American Water invested approximately $350 million—nearly $1 million a day—in its treatment and distribution facilities to ensure that you receive quality, reliable water service. At the same time, the cost of tap water remains less than a penny per gallon. That’s an exceptional value.

Click here for a comprehensive, interactive guide to the investments we are making this year:

Infrastructure Upgrade Map