Meter Change Program Underway

To ensure accurate billing based on consumption, New York State Department of Public Service rules and regulations require water utilities to replace water meters periodically based on the meter size. This requirement allows us to provide customers with continued accurate meter readings and prevent estimated billing. As part of our commitment to compliance and customer service, New York American Water has an ongoing meter change program and will be replacing meters over the next two years and beyond as they are due to be changed.

If the meter(s) serving your property is among those due to be replaced, you will receive a letter in advance providing you with additional information. This meter testing/replacement is a regulatory requirement and is not optional. The work will be completed by technicians from either New York American Water or our qualified contractor, National Metering Services, Inc.

General tips about meter changes:

  • To perform the work, if the meter is located inside the home or business, the technician will need access to the meter. It typically takes approximately 20-30 minutes to perform the work for smaller meters and up can take a few hours for large meters.
  • If the meter is located outside in a pit, we will perform the work when we’re in the area, and there is no need to schedule an appointment.
  • If you have not received a letter from us, there is no need to contact us to schedule an appointment.

AMWater MeterWhen work is planned in your area, if the meter serving your property is due to be changed, we’ll send you a follow up letter(s) to confirm who is performing the work and provide further instructions on how to schedule the appointment. PLEASE NOTE: In the meantime, if our employees are in the neighborhood where a meter needs to be replaced, our field service representatives from New York American Water may also stop by a property unannounced to see if it’s a convenient time for them to perform the work. Before allowing anyone inside your home, ask for ID. New York American Water and National Metering Services’ technicians are required to be in uniform and carry their company-issued photo ID badges. Their vehicles will also be appropriately marked with their respective company logos. If you have any concerns or want to confirm it’s one of our employees and not an imposter, please contact us.

For more information:

Location: New York
Issued: 12/26/2018
Start Time: 12/26/2018
End Time: 12/26/2019
Expires: 12/26/2019
Contact Phone: 1-877-426-6999