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Billing & Payment Info

How to Pay Your Bill

We offer several convenient ways to pay your bill. Pay online, by mail, by phone or in person. You can even set it up to be paid automatically each month! Choose the one that works best for you.

Pay Online

Visit Be sure to have your 16-digit account number handy. Note: Our payment partner, Paymentus, charges $1.95 per transaction for e-check, credit card and debit card payments. Want to avoid the transaction fee? There is no charge to pay by e-check through My Account. Not registered? Visit

Automatic Payment

Save time and money and sign up for Auto Pay. Your bill will be paid on time, every time, directly from your checking or savings account on the date it is due. No stamps are required. You’ll still receive a copy of your bill before the due date, so you will have time to ask any questions before payment. Best of all, it’s totally free! To enroll in the program, log on to My Account or contact our customer service center.

Go Paperless!

Save Time. Save Money. Sign up for your paperless billing and payment programs on the My Account page.  Not registered? Click here and be sure to have your account number handy.

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Pay by Mail

Use the envelope provided with your bill, and send your payment along with the payment stub as follows. No cash, staples or paper clips, please. 

  • For all customers EXCEPT Mt. Ebo Wastewater: Please make the check payable to “New York American Water” and mail to New York American Water, P.O. Box 371332, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7332
  • For Mt. Ebo Wastewater Customers ONLY: Please make the check payable to “Mt. Ebo Sewage Works” and mail to New York American Water, P.O. Box 438, Wellsburg, NY 14894.  

Pay by Phone

If you do not have questions about your bill, you can pay by phone using your Visa or MasterCard by calling 1-855-748-6066. Be sure to have your account number handy. Please note that our payment vendor, Paymentus, charges $1.95 per transaction. NOTE: This is not currently an option for Mt. Ebo wastewater customers.

Want to avoid the transaction fee? There is no charge to pay by e-check through My Account. Not registered? Visit

Pay by Phone Pay In Person at Local Payment Location

New York American Water has agreements with several authorized payment locations across the state. Please note that this list changes periodically. Customers are encouraged to call the location first, to ensure they still accept payments for Pennsylvania American Water. Please note these locations DO NOT accept payments by mail. Find a payment location.
*NOTE: This is not currently an option for Mt. Ebo wastewater customers.

Pay Through a Third Party

If someone handles paying your bills, such as a relative, trustee or social service organization, we can send a copy of your bill, as well as a reminder, past-due and shut-off notices, to that third party. To add a third-party, visit My Account or contact our customer service center at 1-877-426-6999.

Payment Arrangements

Sometimes customers face circumstances that stretch their financial resources. If you cannot pay your bill by the due date, please contact our Customer Service Center immediately, BEFORE the due date at 1-877-426-6999.

NOTE: Mt. Ebo wastewater customers should call 1-845-278-2780; Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

When you call, our customer service representatives will work with you on a plan to pay the balance of the bill over time. These payment arrangements require you to:

  • Pay at least 20 percent of your bill within 48 hours of your call.
  • Pay the rest of the bill, including any applicable late payment charge according to an agreed upon schedule, not to exceed six months.
  • Pay all future bills as they become due.

American Water will create these payment arrangements only with customers who have not broken a similar agreement with us in the past twelve months.