Fairview Township Main Extension Updates

03/17/17 Update

The water line and sewer main installation is still ongoing.  Once the weather warms up, the contractor is going to start filling the water main, so that water service lines and meter pits can be installed. Our inspector for the water service lines will be visiting the site to coordinate locations for the water service lines and meter pits prior to installation. If you have not yet sent in your meter pit acceptance form, please do as soon as possible. We have also attached information on the customer side sewer connection requirement, the customer side water connection requirements, and other information on the sewer connection requirements. Connection to the water and sewer main will not be required until the sewer pump stations are running, and water and sewer laterals are installed.  At this time, we expect this stage will occur in the end of April timeframe. For more information:



01/24/17 Update

Anticipated work for the week of January 23rd:

  • Install laterals on Null Road and Scenic Circle
  • Continue gravity sewer main installation up Old Forge Road
  • Continue gravity sewer main installation on Bunker Hill Road and Old Forge Road
  • Set manholes in boring and receiving pits.
  • Form and pour concrete pads and concrete paving at pump stations
  • Continue fencing and mechanical work at pump stations

01/17/17 Update

Anticipated work the week of January 16:

  • Install laterals on Null Road
  • Begin gravity sewer main installation from Bradley Circle up Old Forge Road
  • Continue gravity sewer main installation on Bunker Hill Road
  • Begin boring pit, and boring operation on Old Forge Road
  • Form and pour concrete pads at pump stations

01/04/17 Update

Anticipated work the week of January 1:

  • Install laterals on Bradley Circle
  • Begin gravity sewer construction on Sunset View
  • Continue gravity sewer main installation on Bunker Hill Road
  • Continue drilling and blasting on Sunset View
  • Begin boring pit, boring operation and road closure on Old Forge Road

Also please return all meter pit acceptance forms.

11/22/2016 Update

For Customers in Phase 2: As part of the Fairview Township Water Main Extension, we will be installing water services and meter pits at each property along the project route (letters are being mailed to customers along the route). Typically, the meter pit is the responsibility of the property owner to provide, but Fairview Township has agreed to pay for the installation of the meter pits. Prior to our installation of the meter pit, we need you to sign the Meter Pit Acceptance Form and return it to: Joel Mitchell, Pennsylvania American Water, 852 Wesley Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.  Once we receive these forms, our contactor will be able to start installing meter pits in areas where the water main has already been installed.  Prior to the installation of the water service to each property, our inspector will be notifying each resident in person, so that you can determine the best location for the new water service.  

Residents will be able to connect to the new water and sewer mains to receive public water and wastewater service once the project has been completed, tested, and inspected.  Pennsylvania American Water will notify each resident, as well as Fairview Township, when each portion of the main and collection system has been completed and ready for individual connections. We continue to work closely with Fairview Township to complete this project in a timely manner and bring improved water service to the community. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Joel Mitchell, project manager, at 717-691-2108.

9/9/2016 Update

Construction work continues along Lewisberry Road.  We are preparing to blast along Lewisberry Road near Stetler Road.  All residents adjacent to the blasting have been contacted by the contractor.  After this is completed, the contractor will move this equipment to Null Road and Scenic Circle to determine if blasting is required.  If blasting is required, the contractor will reach out to the adjacent residents.

Sewer Lateral installation has started and is continuing along Shauffnertown Road, Diller Road, Portions of Lewisberry and Old Forge Road where the new sewer main has been installed.

On 9/12 water main installation will begin on Shauffnertown Road and will continue onto Diller Road.

On 9/19 gravity sewer main installation will begin along Spanglers Mill Road between Shauffnertown and Old Forge Road.

On 9/26 gravity sewer main installation will begin along Stetler Road and will move onto Carriage and Northview Road.

As the sewers are finished in each of these areas, sewer laterals will be installed followed by the installation of the water main.

Pump station construction continues along Spanglers Mill Road, and will soon be starting along Stetler Road and Old Forge Road.

8/3/2016 Update

Work is continuing along Lewisberry Road, Diller Road, and Shauffnertown Road.  Sewer Lateral installation will be starting along Shauffnertown Road.

5/20/2016 Update

Construction work for the sewer system will be starting the week of May 23, 2016, on the following roads: Spanglers Mill Road, Shauffnertown Road, and Diller Road.

04/22/2016 Update

Pennsylvania American Water is bringing water and sewer service to your neighborhood. Your property is required to connect to the newly installed mains per the mandatory tap-in requirements within the Fairview Township Ordinances.

Last year, we completed Phase 1 and now we’re back to begin construction on Phase 2, which includes providing water and sewer service to your property. Weather permitting, we will begin construction this month and complete the project by year’s end. This $13 million upgrade will: 

  • Provide you with public water and sewer service to your property
  • Provide public fire hydrants for enhanced fire protection in your neighborhood
  • Remove the burden associated with maintaining a well and septic system
  • Address environmental issues created by failing septic systems

Pennsylvania American Water looks forward to working with Fairview Township and with the residents who will benefit from the new water and sewer mains.

Fairview Water and Sewer Main Extension Project:
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project?
The overall project includes the construction of approximately 35,000 feet of water main, 2,200 feet of sewer main, six sewer pump stations, two water pressure reducing stations and 48 fire hydrants. Once completed, this project will provide water and sewer service to approximately 350 households. 

Who will be mandated to connect into the new service line?
Similar to Phase 1, all residents along the routes in Phase 2 shown below are required to connect to the new water and sewer lines.

Do I have to connect?
Fairview Township’s mandatory water / wastewater connection ordinance, known as the “2012 Act 537 Plan Water District,” requires residents to connect to the newly installed mains. Questions about the ordinance should be directed to the Fairview Township at 717-901-5200.

When can I connect to the new water and sewer lines?
Pennsylvania American Water will notify each resident as well as Fairview Township when the water and sewer systems have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and ready for the connection of residential water and sewer services. Residential connections to the new mains cannot be made until the water and sewer mains have been installed, tested and inspected. Notifications will be mailed to each resident. The notifications will include details and specifications on the materials and methods of construction of your water service and the sewer lateral and grinder pump (if required). Once you are notified that water service and sewer service is available, each resident will need to contact our customer service center at 1-800-565-7292 to begin the service application process.

What are the costs associated with connecting to the system?

  • For water service: Residents are responsible for all costs required to connect their existing water service from their homes to Pennsylvania American Water’s service, as well as costs associated with disconnecting their well.
  • For sewer service: Residents who will connect to pressurized sewer mains or who require service at an elevation lower than the gravity sewer main will be required to install a sewage grinder pump with pressure sewer lateral piping. For this project, Pennsylvania American Water will provide the grinder pump at not cost to the customer. The resident is responsible for the costs associated with installing the pump. In addition, residents are responsible for all costs required to connect their existing sewer service from their homes to Pennsylvania American Water’s service lateral, as well as costs associated with taking their existing on-lot septic system out of service in accordance with the County Health Department and/or DEP requirements. This will include a $50 inspection fee paid to Pennsylvania American Water.

How much will monthly water and sewer service cost?

  • For water service: There are two main components to the water bill:  
    A monthly service charge: Based on the size of the meter. Most residential customers have 5/8-inch meters, which is $15.00 per month.
    Volumetric fee: This is calculated based on the amount of water used, and is 1.0214 per 100 gallons (or about a penny per gallon).
    For the average residential water customer who uses 4,000 gallons of water per month, the water bill would be $55.86.
  • For sewer service: A flat $64 per month for residential customers.

For more information about our rates, visit pennsylvaniaamwater.com. Under the Customer Service drop-down menu, select Rates Information.

What happens to my water well and septic tank after I’m connected to public water and sewer service?
Well: The well must be physically disconnected from the interior plumbing. It can still be used for outside faucets, but cannot be connected to the interior plumbing.
Septic system: Use of your septic system must be discontinued in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations.


If you have any questions about the pipeline construction project, please contact Senior Project Manager Joel Mitchell at 717-691-2108. In addition, we’ll be providing regular updates on the project on our website at www.pennsylvaniaamwater.com. On the homepage, select the Alerts Notification button at the top.

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