CodeRED Message to Customers - January 2, 2018

Pennsylvania American Water issued the below message to all customers via our CodeRED system today regarding cold weather precautions:

With extremely cold weather in the forecast, Pennsylvania American Water reminds customers to take necessary measures to prevent frozen household pipes. Protect your home by wrapping exposed pipes with insulation and eliminate sources of cold air near any waterlines. We also recommend allowing a small trickle of water to run overnight to keep pipes from freezing. The cost of the water is minimal compared to repairing the damage from bursting pipes. And if your pipes freeze, shut off water immediately at your home’s main shut off. Do not attempt to thaw frozen pipes unless the water is shut off. To thaw pipes, apply heat from a hair dryer, space heater, or hot water. DO NOT USE a torch or open flame. For more tips on preventing frozen pipes, visit, Click on Water Information, and Wise Water Use.

Location: Pennsylvania
Issued: 1/2/18
Start Time: 1pm
End Time: 12am
Expires: 12/31/18
Contact Name: Pennsylvania American Water
Contact Phone: 800-565-7292