2019 Flushing Schedule

Each year Pennsylvania American Water flushes its water distribution system to ensure that our customers continue to receive high-quality water service.  Flushing also allows us to monitor and maintain fire hydrants.

No interruptions in water service will occur as a result of the work.  Pennsylvania American Water advises that when crews are flushing nearby, customers may experience a drop in water pressure or some discoloration of their water. In the event of an emergency, or if you are a home-dialysis patient, please call our customer service center at 800-565-7292.

Customer Tips for Use during Hydrant Flushing
Listed below are several key tips that may lessen some of the potential, temporary disruptions. Please remember these conditions are temporary and may only last and hour or two past the conclusion of the hydrant flushing. 

  • Avoid washing laundry and use of the dishwasher
    This water may contain sediment that may impair the clothes and dish washing process, so avoid washing laundry, especially whites.
  • Check your faucet screen
    Loose particle may become trapped in your faucet as from the hydrant flushing, which may affect water color and pressure. 

Pennsylvania American Water's Flushing Schedule

Location: Pennsylvania
Issued: 3/21/19
Start Time: 12am
End Time: 12am
Expires: 12/31/19
Contact Name: Pennsylvania American Water
Contact Phone: 800-565-7292
Posted in: Flushing