Pennsylvania American Water Update on Construction Projects and Critical Work

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (March 24, 2020) -- At Pennsylvania American Water, the health and safety of our customers, communities and employees is our top priority. This message provides an update on our critical construction projects and other essential utility work in light of the Governor’s March 19 Executive Order, “Closure of All Businesses That Are Not Life Sustaining,” mandating the closure of certain businesses for COVID-19 mitigation.

Pennsylvania American Water is considered a life-sustaining business under the Utilities classification “Water, Sewage and Other Systems,” and is therefore permitted to continue physical operations. After evaluating the guidance from the Governor’s Office and the PUC, we have identified a number of essential projects that we deem to be critical for the provision of safe, reliable water and wastewater service to the community. These critical projects are necessary to ensure service reliability and to prevent operational emergencies.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania American Water employees and contractors, while exercising caution and following CDC guidance for social distancing and hygiene, will continue outdoor work reading meters, operating valves, inspecting and flushing hydrants and performing other critical operational functions to ensure reliable water and wastewater services in the communities we serve. For our customers’ safety and the safety of our employees, we ask that members of the public do not approach our employees while they are performing their work.

In accordance with the Governor’s order, and with additional guidance from the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Pennsylvania American Water has suspended much of its non-emergency work across the Commonwealth and limited in-home service work to only cases of extreme emergencies. We have also suspended a number of our scheduled capital upgrade projects, including certain water and sewer main replacement projects.

We remain committed to working with our local and state leaders, our public health officials and our state agencies and regulators to ensure the safety of our employees, our contractors and our customers. 

Download a printable version of this update here.