Temporary Change in Drinking Water Taste and Odor Due to Seasonal Changes

As we enter into the fall season, Tennessee American Water is letting customers served by our Citico Water Treatment Plant in Chattanooga know that residents may notice a change in the taste and odor in the drinking water.  While changes in water treatment help mitigate this issue, conditions can fluctuate due to the changes in the river and weather.  

Tennessee American Water assures customers that the water continues to meet all regulatory quality standards.  Including activated carbon in the water treatment process helps to decrease the aesthetic change in the drinking water while ensuring it remains safe.  This is a common practice in water treatment and complies with regulatory standards. 

Everyone has their own unique sense of smell and taste, and some people notice these slight natural changes. Customers may describe the taste and/or smell as “earthy” or “musty.”

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If customers have concerns, they can call the Customer Service Center at 1-866-736-6420 and ask to have a Water Quality expert return their call.


Location: Chattanooga
Issued: 08/16/2017
Start Time: 11:00
End Time: NA
Expires: NA
Contact Name: Daphne Kirksey
Contact Phone: 1-866-736-6420
Posted in: Other