Tennessee American Water to Begin Excavation Work in Tennessee Riverarrow

June 25, 2018

  Tennessee American Water to Begin Excavation Work in Tennessee River Short Blasting Will Be Used to Break Up Rock   Chattanooga, Tenn. (June 25, 2018) – On Tuesday evening, June 26 (pending weather), Tennessee American Water will begin excavating across the Tennessee River in anticipation of installing a new 30-inch water main.  The process involves using a small charge to crack the rock, which is then excavated from the riverbed leaving a trench.  This trench will later be utilized for installing the new pipe.  The blasting process takes less than 10 minutes and the work is performed from a barge.    Tennessee American Water began the $3.2 million project to install a 30-inch pipe in the Tennessee River in May. This new pipe will be one of three - and the largest - that delivers water to the 20,000 customers on the north side ...

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Tennessee American Water Begins Staging Equipment for River Pipe arrow

June 06, 2018

Tennessee American Water Begins Staging Equipment for River Pipe  Delivery of Equipment Will Cause Temporary Interruptions for Safety along Riverwalk   Chattanooga, Tenn. (June 6, 2018) – Tennessee American Water has begun staging the equipment needed for the installation of a third additional pipe in the Tennessee River.  While these deliveries are being made, a small portion of the Riverpark behind the Tennessee American Water plant will temporarily close, for 30 to 70 minutes at a time.  Flaggers and signage on either end of the closure will make users aware of this temporary disruption.   “We apologize for the inconvenience this causes for users of the Riverpark while equipment is installed,” said Tennessee American Water engineering manager Kurt Stafford.  “First and foremost is safety of the public and the worker...

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Spring Cleaning Good Time to Dispose of Old Medications Properlyarrow

April 23, 2018

Spring Cleaning Good Time to Dispose of Old Medications Properly Drug Take Back at 14 Local Sites Makes It Convenient to Drop Off Medications; Document Shredders Available at Five Sites Chattanooga, Tenn. (April 23, 2018) – The 10th Annual National Drug Take Back will be held on Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The purpose of this event is to keep drugs out of the environment and off of our streets. Five of the locations will also include document shredders provided by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Division of Consumer Affairs. Local residents are encouraged to simply drive up and drop off their old medications – prescriptions or over-the-counter -- for proper disposal at one of the 14 Hamilton County area locations.  Sites in BOLD will have document shredders available for personal documents such as tax information or medica...

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Tennessee American Water Receives Approval from the Tennessee Public Utility Commission for 2018 Capital Improvementsarrow

April 16, 2018

Chattanooga, Tenn. (April 16, 2018) – The Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) approved on April 9 the infrastructure surcharge for 2018 Tennessee American Water projects that improve the community water system.    “Our investments are focused on making sure that water is always there when we need it - for our homes, businesses, public health and firefighting protection,” said Val Armstrong, Tennessee American Water president. “We are committed to high standards in water quality and reliability of service for our customers.”   Infrastructure capital projects planned for 2018 total $20 million and include construction of a new facility for bulk bleach for disinfection, which is a safer alternative to handle and store than the chlorine gas it is replacing.  Replacement of approximately 16,000 feet of water main is also i...

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April 09, 2018

  Chattanooga, Tenn. (April 9, 2018) – Drinking water sources are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Public drinking water systems use various methods of water treatment to provide safe drinking water for their communities.    “Even while falling as rain, water picks up small amounts of gases, ions, dust, and particulate matter from the atmosphere,” said Kevin Kruchinski, director of operations for Tennessee American Water. “As it flows over or through the surface layers of the earth, it dissolves and carries with it some of almost everything it touches.”   Kruchinski said the added substances might be classified as biological, chemical (organic and inorganic), physical and radiological impurities. They may...

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Tennessee American Water to Participate in Distracted Driving Awareness Eventarrow

March 29, 2018

  Tennessee American Water to Participate in Distracted Driving Awareness Event Tennessee Highway Safety Office and Tennessee Highway Patrol to Host Crack Down on Distracted Driving   Chattanooga, Tenn. (March 29, 2018) –  Tennessee American Water will join local and state law enforcement officials on April 4 to raise awareness on the dangers of distracted driving and to support Tennessee’s mission, Drive to Zero, a multi-agency collaboration to decrease traffic fatalities statewide.   “Distracted driving is a danger to all of the public.  Any non-driving activity you engage in is a potential distraction and increases your risk of crashing,” said Manager of Operations for Tennessee American Water Casey Allen. “Drivers should remain focused and diligent at all times.”   “Tennessee American Wate...

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Steady Investments Sustain Safe and Reliable Waterarrow

March 28, 2018

  Steady Investments Sustain Safe and Reliable Water   Chattanooga, Tenn. (March 28, 2018) – Making sure that water is reliable and safe is what water providers do each and every day.  Every three years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishes a report card on the state of infrastructure.  Letter grades are assigned by category for the state of roads, bridges, dams, wastewater and drinking water systems and are listed by individual states.   “Reliable water infrastructure is a critical part of economic stability and growth,” said Kurt Stafford, engineering manager for Tennessee American Water. “A 2017 study found interruption of water service for only one day would result in businesses reliant on that water seeing drop-in sales by up to 75%,” he said.   “Smart policy is to have a plan ...

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Tennessee American Water Will Provide New Revenue for Signal Mountainarrow

March 23, 2018

  Tennessee American Water Will Provide New Revenue for Signal Mountain Local water company proposal will bring $1 million to support Town priorities   Chattanooga, Tenn. (March 22, 2018) – Tennessee American Water, the local supplier of water for the Town of Signal Mountain for 93 years, will bring $1 million in new revenues to support the priorities for the community.   In the RFP (Request for Proposal) that Tennessee American Water submitted to the Town Council, one exclusive benefit was that the company would become a new taxpayer and provide funds that can be used to support community initiatives, said Val Armstrong, president of Tennessee American Water.   “As a partner with Signal Mountain, we know the benefit of having additional resources that can be applied to critical issues,” she said. “Tennessee American is ...

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Tennessee American Water’s Annual Water Quality Report Available Online arrow

March 22, 2018

  Tennessee American Water’s Annual Water Quality Report Available Online Water Utility Earns 18-Year Directors Award through the Partnership for Safe Water Chattanooga, Tenn. (March 22, 2018) – Tennessee American Water announces that the company’s 2017 Consumer Confidence Reports (Water Quality Reports) are available to customers online.  In addition, Tennessee American Water has once again earned the Directors Award through the Partnership for Safe Water, marking the 18th consecutive year the utility has achieved this level of surpassing standards.   The annual water quality report, also known as the consumer confidence report, is a performance measure of the quality of water.  These measures are established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  The report des...

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Tennessee American Water Shares the Importance of Water Qualityarrow

March 22, 2018

Tennessee American Water Shares the Importance of Water Quality From the Natural Source to the Tap and Its Importance to All of Us   Chattanooga, Tenn. (March 15, 2018) – Tennessee American Water employees know that the community relies on them to supply clean and reliable water.  They also know the importance of making sure that water sources are protected and environmental guidelines are followed.    “Our customers count on us for drinking water that is available when they need it and meets the highest quality standards,” said Tennessee American Water Quality Supervisor Kitty Vaughn. “We take this responsibility seriously to assure that the community’s drinking water is safe.”   Drinking water comes from a variety of sources.  Water that is naturally stored in an aquifer, spring or well is considered...

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