2/26/19: Fairfax Water To Repair Water Main Impacting Dale City Water Customers

2/27/19 UPDATE: Fairfax Water’s main bringing water to Dale City has been successfully repaired. Thanks for conserving water last night — please feel free to continue with normal water use today.


While installing a new 48-inch main on Tuesday, February 26 in Prince William County, Fairfax Water’s contractor hit the existing 36-inch water main, causing a leak. Virginia American Water purchases treated drinking water from Fairfax Water in the company’s Prince William District in Dale City.

Despite the leak, the water main is stable and is still in operation, and there has been no interruption in water service.

Fairfax Water will begin repairing the 36-inch water main tonight at 10 p.m. The repair is expected to take 6-8 hours and, unless there are complications, water service is not expected to be interrupted.

Although water service is unlikely to be affected, Virginia American Water, Fairfax Water, Prince William County Service Authority and Prince William County government encourage residents and businesses in eastern Prince William County to take the opportunity to practice preparedness methods during this time. This includes keeping one to three gallons of water per person and pet per day (depending on your personal needs) in your emergency supply kit. We recommend filling clean storage containers with water by 10 p.m. tonight and purchase bottled water. In order to conserve water, please refrain from using it for non-essential activities such as laundry or running the dishwasher after 10 p.m. tonight.

The Fairfax Water construction project mentioned above is part of a series of water main relocations and improvements that will provide increased capacity and service reliability to Virginia American Water in Dale City and Prince William Service Authority in eastern Prince William County.

If you are Prince William County Service Authority customer, please contact 703-335-7990 or go to www.pwcsa.org if you are experiencing service issues.