California American Water to Sign Pure Water Monterey Expansion Agreement

California Public Utilities Commission Revises Pure Water Monterey Expansion Decision

MONTEREY, Calif. (March 31, 2023) - California American Water will sign the Pure Water Monterey Expansion (PWMe) agreement. The expansion project is a critical component for future water supplies for the Monterey Peninsula, along with desalination and an Aquifer Storage and Recovery system that stores excess winter river flows for use during dry months. The announcement comes in response to the Order issued yesterday by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regarding California-American Water Company’s Application for Rehearing of Decision 22-12-001. The order denies a rehearing but modifies several critical portions of the decision.

“Since 1995, residents of the Monterey Peninsula have faced an uncertain future for their water supply,” said Kevin Tilden, president of California American Water. “Today, with desalination and water reuse in process, and aquifer storage and recovery on line, the Peninsula now has a secure water future. This will protect the Carmel River while providing water needed for the community. I want to thank everyone who worked hard on each of these projects to bring them to fruition.”

In its original PWMe decision, issued in December 2022, the Commission delayed recovery of infrastructure investments made by the company to support the project, denied recovery of the company’s actual financing costs, and contradicted CPUC precedent and practice. The decision as originally written would have had substantial negative impacts on the company, its customers and the region. California American Water requested the CPUC review the decision.

In yesterday’s order, the CPUC has corrected factual errors to its original decision. California American Water will be allowed standard ratemaking treatment for the construction funding of the pumps and pipes that were built to support the expansion. The company is also required to file additional information about proposed extraction wells that parties agree are needed to deliver PWMe water from the Seaside Aquifer to customers across the service area.

Together, the recently approved desalination plant and the Pure Water Monterey Expansion will allow the community to replace water no longer available from the Carmel River and comply with the orders of the State Water Resources Control Board.


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