Service Line Information and Specification drawings


New Services – smaller than 3"

New small services process

New Services Workbook smaller than 3" Revised 7/28/2022

New Services Workbook smaller than 3" instructions

Eureka Wastewater Application

New Services – 3” and larger

New Large Service Process Revised 5/12/23
New Large Service Application Checklist Revised 1/10/22


Service/Tap termination process

St Louis County Municipality Contract Agreement Matrix

Application for Special Connection

Application for Special Connection Terms and Conditions

DNR Data Form

Service Line/ Meter Box Materials List-ST LOUIS COUNTY-2023

Meter box specifications

Meterbox .75 to 1.5 services - Revised 09/01/2023
Meterbox .75 to 2.5 inch tap hole
Meterbox 1.5 to 2 inch
Meterbox 12 inch Revised 10/25/2023
Meterbox 2 inch split service
Meterbox 3 inch and up tap hole
Meterbox 3 to 8 inch Revised 10/25/2023
Meterbox detector 10 inch and up
Meterbox detector by pass 2 inch
Meterbox detector by pass 4 inch and larger
Meterbox detector check 2 inch
Meterbox detector check 4, 6 and 8 inch
Meterbox fireflow service Revised 10/25/2023
Meterbox insulated flange mb 001
Meterbox residential service line - Revised 09/01/2023
Meterbox service line blocking
Meterbox split service Revised 10/25/2023
Meterbox01 Disclaimer

Service line specifications

Services attached residences with fire
Services domestic tap information
Services fire and domestic separate boxes
Services fire only
Services fireflow 1
Services looped fireflow
Services looped master service
Services master split service
Services multi family multi level
Services residential domestic and fire
Services split service one box
Services split service 2 boxes domestic fire
Services split service 2 boxes domestic irrigation
Services split service 3 boxes domestic fire irrigation