American Water’s water and wastewater operations center around the values of safety, trust, environmental leadership, teamwork and high performance. Our business partners have our commitment to perform responsibly and to behave ethically while in pursuit of the highest standards of quality and service in our industry.

We welcome the chance to help developers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and municipalities solve their water and wastewater system operations, management, supply and delivery challenges. We’re committed to working with you to improve our communities and infrastructure.

Our experts are passionate about delivering high-quality water and wastewater services and solutions to both our customers and our business partners. We are innovators, engineers, scientists and environmental leaders, and we welcome any chance to help communities, builders and developers solve their water and wastewater system operation, management, supply and delivery challenges. Our strength stems from our longevity in the industry.

Is your community in need of expert water and wastewater service solutions? We would be proud to work with you. New business partnerships not only give us the chance to work with your team of experts to find smart and innovative solutions — it allows us to cover more ground in improving the water and wastewater systems and making sure communities are better because we are investing in their infrastructure.

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Investing to maintain and upgrade aging water and wastewater systems is critical for providing safe and reliable service. Over the next 10 years, American Water will invest $30 to $34 billion in the communities we serve in support of infrastructure renewal; resiliency; water quality; operational efficiency, technology and innovation; system expansion; and regulated acquisitions.

It can be difficult for water and wastewater systems to keep up with ever-increasing health and environmental regulations. Our team of water quality experts is at the forefront of research and compliance, working closely with regulators as new standards and treatment techniques are developed. We perform more than XXX water quality tests each year so that our water and wastewater systems consistently meet or surpass all state and federal standards.

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American Water supports the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (U.S. EPA) efforts to protect public health by proposing national drinking water standards for PFAS. These contaminants are among the multiple challenges the water industry faces regarding water quality, quantity, and reliability. That is why American Water remains committed to being a leader in the U.S. water and wastewater industry and a provider of solutions to these challenges. Click here to read more about our approach to PFAS.

Many cities face numerous priorities that place a constraint on financial resources. The sale of water and wastewater systems can generate new revenue while eliminating future costs and liabilities of the systems. Net proceeds of the sale can be reinvested in the community to provide parks, streets and sidewalks, public safety, economic development, and fund pension liabilities. In addition to the sale proceeds, as a private business we also pay taxes each year that support schools and other local services.

The safe treatment and release of wastewater isn't something most of our customers ever think about; to us, it's critical, and we think about it every day. We can assume responsibility for all aspects of water and wastewater plant operations and facility and equipment maintenance. This includes all dewatering services and offsite sludge transportation, building security, maintenance and landscaping. We also provide odor abatement systems at the facilities we serve.

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For some communities maintaining a reliable water supply, particularly in the summer months can be challenging. With our industry-leading operational expertise we are often able to deliver water to communities that need to supplement their existing water supply through our extensive production and distribution system.

Water and wastewater is what we do. Our full-time professional staff has the operational and technical expertise needed to efficiently manage water and wastewater systems of any size. Our skilled workforce of 6,500 employees has the expertise to stay on top of industry challenges. We take great pride in hiring employees in the communities we serve and offer competitive wages and benefits.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We consistently rank in the top quartile of independent customer service surveys when compared to other utilities. Many of our states offer billing assistance through our H2O - Help to Others emergency assistance program. Additionally, we make it easy to access account and billing information through MyWater, our online portal for management of water and/or wastewater accounts.

We care about the communities we serve and are active in supporting local civic and charitable activities through financial contributions and volunteer hours. Since 2012, the American Water Charitable Foundation has invested $12 million in funding through grants and matching gifts that are important to our employees and our communities. Through its Employee Volunteer and Matching Gift Program, Employee Crisis Fund, Disaster Relief Program, and Keep Communities Flowing Grant Program, the Foundation is making a difference every day in diverse communities throughout the country. Our mascot Puddles loves attending community events and is a hit with both the young and young at heart.

We’re committed to delivering value to our customers and the communities we serve by keeping our rates as low as possible while providing quality water and wastewater service. Because of our tremendous experience, industry expertise and size we’re able to maximize efficiencies through economies of scale, from our buying power to centralized business functions. Whether you’re concerned about operating costs or the rate impact of a big investment in your system, we’re happy to discuss how we can provide great value to your community.