Owners and operators of regulated aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) in West Virginia are required by law to provide notice to public water systems with information about their tanks. These notification requirements are in effect by legislation and are not dependent on the status of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) rulemaking.

For more information:

West Virginia Code §22-30-10

WVDEP Guidance on Notification to Public Water Systems

West Virginia American Water AST Notification Flyer

West Virginia American Water AST Notification Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should the notice include?

West Virginia Code §22-30-10 requires owners or operators of ASTs to provide the type and quantity of fluid stored and the location of the safety data sheets (SDS) associated with the fluids in storage. As an alternative, tank owners or operators may provide the inventory forms and applicable documents required by sections 311 and 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, commonly referred to as Tier II reports.

West Virginia American Water reviews the AST information to better understand potential risks upstream of its sources of supply. Any additional information AST owners or operators can provide to help characterize stored materials would be greatly appreciated. This could include site maps, complete copies of SDS, inventory of non-regulated hazardous materials, related permit numbers, etc.

Click here for a form that can be used to provide AST notifications directly to West Virginia American Water. Note that this form is not required to meet regulatory requirements. The form is provided as guidance to help AST owners gather and submit their AST information to West Virginia American Water systems.

How do I determine which water system(s) to notify?

The nearest public water systems – both surface and groundwater – are identified for each tank in your AST registration email acknowledgement from WVDEP. This information can also be obtained by reviewing your registration information in WVDEP’s Electronic Submission System. Click here for more information on how to access AST registration information.

How do I notify West Virginia American Water if they are identified as the nearest system?

If West Virginia American Water (WVAW or WVAWC) is identified as the nearest surface water system, please send the required information either by mail or electronically to:

Erica Pauken, Source Water Protection Manager
West Virginia American Water 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Charleston, WV 25302

Please include your contact information and an indication if certain details should be treated as confidential.

Signage Orders

West Virginia American Water is willing to provide signs and/or stickers that include emergency contact information in case of a spill. These do not replace the WVDEP required signage for tank registration, but provide additional contact information that can be posted on ASTs or elsewhere at the facility. Please complete this form and submit it to the contact listed above to place an order for your facility.