Welcome, East Dunkard Water Authority Customers

As the Receiver of the East Dunkard Water Authority, Pennsylvania American Water is committed to serving the customers of EDWA. Here on this page, we will be posting news, updates, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Pennsylvania American Water appointed East Dunkard Water Authority (EDWA) receiver?

In November 2023, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission issued an emergency order authorizing the company to manage and operate EDWA’s public water system upon appointment as receiver by the Commonwealth Court. On February 1, 2024, the Commonwealth Court signed an order officially appointing Pennsylvania American Water as the receiver.

EDWA has been cited numerous times during the past two years by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for failure to have a certified operator and for violations that led to water treatment breakdowns. It also received multiple orders from regulators requiring it to take corrective action.

Does Pennsylvania American Water now own EDWA?

No, EDWA and its board still exist, and Pennsylvania American Water is serving as the system's receiver as appointed by the Commonwealth Court.

When will Pennsylvania American Water own EDMA?

The company signed an agreement with East Dunkard Water Authority to purchase its water system assets in July 2023. The timeline for the transaction is under review, and no date for closing has been set.

What does it mean now that Pennsylvania American Water has been appointed receiver?
Pennsylvania American Water will operate the system and manage the assets of the authority in the name of the authority.

It has full authority to make all decisions regarding the EDWA water system. The company is working to provide clean, dependable drinking water and service that meets regulatory standards.

Who do I call with questions regarding my bill or account or if there is an emergency with my water service?

Customers should continue to contact EDWA with all inquiries by calling 724-934-3713 during regular business hours from 8 am – 4 p.m. In-person service inquiries and bill payments are also available at the authority office, which is located at 2790 South Eighty-Eight Road in Dilliner, Pa., during regular business hours.

Online payments can be made by visiting https://eastdunkard.authoritypay.com/.

After hours, for emergencies only, inquiries should call 724-998-0054 or 724-231-4993.

When can I expect improvements in my drinking water quality and service?

Pennsylvania American Water is reviewing EDWA’s treatment process operations, testing procedures, and recent testing data to understand the water quality in the system. The company is assessing the age, size, and reliability history of the EDWA system’s 230 miles of water mains and its booster stations, fire hydrants, and storage tanks.

These reviews will be used to develop a capital improvement plan to upgrade the reliability and quality of EDWA’s water treatment plant and distribution system and help ensure regulatory compliance.

Pennsylvania American Water will give customers regular updates regarding planned improvements throughout its receivership and provide advance notice of any planned water service disruptions that may need to occur to complete these upgrades.