Water-service rates are based on the real costs of treating and delivering water to customers, and are regulated by state public utilities commissions (PUCs). In Pennsylvania, rates must be approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

To determine rates, we work with PUC staffs to study costs of construction, maintenance, operation, administration and financing. Once the studies are complete, the company and PUC present any differing conclusions before an administrative law judge. Based on the judge’s opinion, the PUC sets the water rates.

Rates charged for service may vary based on a customer’s meter size. All customers pay the same rate for water usage. Customers are billed based on a regular meter reading, either monthly or quarterly for residential customers as well as for commercial and other public authority customers.

Rates can vary based on the cost of providing service in each of the communities we serve. Before it reaches your home or business, water is treated through an intricate treating and testing process to help ensure it meets or surpasses rigorous drinking water quality standards.

Typical Residential and Commercial Rates*

(Applicable to Rate Zone 1 for Residential and Commercial Classes) Effective January 1, 2018)

Service Charges

All metered customers shall be subject to a monthly service charge, based on the size of meter required to render adequate service.

Size of Meter         Per Month
5/8"                         $16.50
3/4"                         $25.00

Consumption Charges

The following rates shall apply per 100 gallons:

Gallons Per Month                        Residential         Commercial

First 16,000/Month                         $1.2217                 $1.2205
All In Excess of 16,000/Month      $1.2217                 $0.9153

* These rates are applicable to the majority of our residential customers. For rates specific to your region call Pennsylvania American Water's Customer Service Center, please view the Effective Water Tariff below.

A full explanation of the rates for each of Pennsylvania American Water’s service areas is shown in the below rate schedules. 

Water and Wastewater Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC) -- Pennsylvania American Water is committed to providing high-quality, reliable water and wastewater service to its customers. This requires continually investing in our systems. One of the approved methods that allow a utility to accelerate improvements to its water and wastewater infrastructure (pipes, valves, laterals and manholes) is through a water and wastewater DSIC, which are approved by the PA Public Utility Commission. As a result, a small charge is typically added to the customer’s water and wastewater bills to allow Pennsylvania American Water to replace more of its aging system annually, thus improving service to you.

Federal Tax Reform Brings Reduced Monthly Bills for Most Customers

Due to tax savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Pennsylvania American Water received approval from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to lower charges on the monthly bills for most of our water and wastewater customers via a negative surcharge. The decrease started July 1, 2018, and appears as the “Fed Tax Adjust Surcharge” on your bill to reflect the company’s reduced tax expense.

  • Water: Nearly 6.8 percent decrease for most customers. For example, a water customer who typically uses 3,000 gallons per month will see $3.61 savings, or $43.32 per year. For water customers who typically use 5,000 gallons per month, the savings will be $5.27, or $63.24 per year.
  • Wastewater: Nearly 7.7 percent decrease for most customers. For example, a wastewater customer who typically uses 3,000 gallons per month will see $4.25 savings, or $51 per year. For wastewater customers who typically use 5,000 gallons per month, the savings will be $6.58, or $78.96 per year.

Get more details by reading the news release, and watch the video from our President Jeff McIntyre.